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Dear X-Cite.. seriously??

Let’s face it.. everyone of us is somehow addicted to a specific category when it comes to shopping regardless of the pricing of the item in mind, But the incredibly “crazy prices” at some electronics stores would really make you consider comparing prices (knowing that they’re not posted somewhere online, you’ll have to stop by every store you may know).. or maybe just forgetting about buying what you’ve been looking for!

In my case.. it’s the Apple Thunderbolt display 27″

Because I multi-task most of the time, it is impossible for me to work with one screen; I work on 2 browsers, Code editor (Multi window; for PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML), phpMyAdmin (MySQL management), and a debugger… all at once! so here comes the need of getting an extra display for my 27″ iMac. I’ll compare the local prices with the original Apple store price:

Apple Thunderbolt 
display 27″

Apple store (online) iCity X-Cite Alghanim
Price $999 = KD 276 KD 365 KD 319

KD 498
KD 399 (discounted) 

Have you noticed X-Cite’s pricing? the announced price is KD 498!! Seriously?? This is what exactly happened with me when I went to Alrai showroom and found the display I was looking for, actually couldn’t believe the numbers I was reading on the price tag! KD 498?? Is it gold plated or what!? So I called the salesman who confirmed the price to me, and started calculating the “discounted price”.. “Sir, it’ll be 400 KD after discount” he said.. “400 sharp?” I asked.. “naah, 399 KD something” he replied… woohoo! I feel much better now with the great discount!!!

That got me to think about the profit margin of every single item they sell; if Blink is selling the display for KD 319 with at least KD 30 profit, then X-Cite is making almost KD 110 profit for the same display, which is almost PLUS 40% profit margin if compared to the original Apple store price! And the same goes for iCity with a – sometimes- smaller margin

one word.. greedy!

NETGEAR Range Extender

I’ve been looking for this for over a month now, and I finally found it in X-Cite at a very good price (KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750). This is the best solution if you’re living in a typical Kuwaiti house, where “nuclear-war resistant concrete” walls surround you!

Installation was very simple, plugged it to power, turn it on, accessed the control panel wirelessly. You’ll have the option to either use the main router access credentials, or even set new login information for the extender itself. My original home WiFi was really impossible to reach, but with this new toy I can move around freely with full internet access.

Model number: WN2000RPT
Where to find it: X-Cite Alghanim
Price: KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750 (I think this is a limited time offer)