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Twitter introduces Web Analytics

Twitter has announced two days ago the new Web Analytics, a tool that helps website owners to understand how much traffic is driven from twitter to their sites as well as how much of their website content is being shared over twitter. Analysis also include the effectiveness of their lately launched “Follow button“. The new tool is to be launched within the few upcoming weeks.

Source: Twitter Dev Blog

Zain introduces OnePay

Zain have launched today a new web service under the name “Zain OnePay”. This new payment gateway unifies the previous three different payment options on Zain’s website (QuickPay, eeZee Fast, and eeZee cards). Once you enter your mobile number it will automatically identify your line type (Postpaid or Prepaid) and then leads you to the best options available for your mobile number. Add to that, the change in transaction speed; much faster now!


a ride into the past

interesting website that goes back to the day you were born and list some events happened, some famous ppl who were born on the same date and the cover of TIME’s mag back then.


I share the same birthday with J-lo :D

Football Directa

This is a new sports website as you can see it covers football around the world, but this one is kinda special to me because this website isn’t owned by a huge multinational network such as sky and the other big corps. this is owned by kuwaiti guys who decided to get the news from the source. so you wont find any rumors or manipulated info.the owners of the website  did a great work setting up all the news feeders which are all trusted and known. so if you’re a football fan I’d really recommend this website.

pic taken from somecontrast



I found this on 4thringroad.. and its really kinda freaky click on the image to go the website

Online file format conversion


This website has a helpful tool converting any multimedia file from almost any source to any target extension you’d like. I’m mostly using this site for converting realplayer extensions to mp3s.

the process is simple:

1. upload your file

2. choose the target extension

3. click convert after the upload they’ll send you an e-mail with the link of your new file.

enjoy the conversions :D


thanks Talal