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@sheno_ya3ni new video: Socio Urbanzia

Most people deny the undeniable, ignoring the fact that many of us face those situations every single day. Thumbs up for the Sheno Ya3ni team for bringing those saddening situations to every one in a very funny way… Keep it up guys. By the way, I created a category in my blog under the name “6olai6ela” to cover “Sheno Ya3ni” videos.. Kaifi yaaakhi!! :p

A tip before you watch:

After all, your personal view about any “sheno ya3ni” video you watch will clearly show how you perceive things around you, and will definitely indicate your level of acceptance.. or denial – as most people do :) here’s a simple rule to follow: Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Below is “Sheno Ya3ni” latest video 

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Microsoft announces “Surface”


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@Sheno_Ya3ni new video

Cracked me up.. literally! And the effects are amaaaaazing!

Shahad.. the other side!

Yeah I know it’s been a very long time, and this is not my first time to suddenly disappear and comeback again. Anyway.. I was looking for Fursan almanakh scene “Farkh alkha3fag” when I came across this,, I’m sure you know this girl.. Shahad, actress, singer who appeared in some commercials and many ramadan TV series.

My 1st reaction.. isn’t this shahad? with a mustache???? well.. ladies and gentlemen.. meet Shahad, the other side!

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Facebook launches video chat

The Giant social network, facebook, has just launched a Skype-powered video chatting feature..

How to activate:

  • Login to your facebook account.
  • Go to
  • Click on “Get Started” to setup and get instructions on how to chat via video

فيديو: مسيرة جمعة الدستور


الفيديو من تصويري.. و أعتذر عن رفعه متأخرا للانشغال ببعض الأمور


Education.. what?

During the time our respectful – are they? – parliament members are fighting over Sunna-Shi’a issues in Islamic subjects, our children, brother & sisters are missing the “real” necessary education. I’m not saying the religious education is not necessary, it is! but it’s really important to provide a better “science-oriented” education. Comparing the Kuwaiti schools to America, Kuwait is definitely way beyond, but to show how important it is for Americans, and how frustrated they are because they fell into #20 in graduation rates. I wonder what is Kuwait’s rank?

Below, is a video I found on Vimeo, it literally describes the education crisis in America… the thing that exactly applies on Kuwait, taking into consideration that it is much much much worse in Kuwait. Watch it, and you’ll feel bad!

TakePart: Participant Media – Waiting For ‘Superman’ – Infographic from Jr.canest on Vimeo.

Ya Shams

على هالجو… رحم الله والديج يا شمس تكفين غيبي

Fido (7UP) Vs. Jhumaro

I’ve always been a fan of Sanshiro – played on KTV back in 1988 as I recall. It came to my mind to search for it on YouTube… and here’s an interesting video I found, done by a Kuwaiti – Ali Al-Mutawa

Exclusive rare video: don’t get me wrong!


Thanks Abdulmohsen for the video