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Twitter introduces Web Analytics

Twitter has announced two days ago the new Web Analytics, a tool that helps website owners to understand how much traffic is driven from twitter to their sites as well as how much of their website content is being shared over twitter. Analysis also include the effectiveness of their lately launched “Follow button“. The new tool is to be launched within the few upcoming weeks.

Source: Twitter Dev Blog

Twitter launches “Follow” button

Twitter has recently launched a new “Follow” button that allows your website visitors to directly follow you through your own pages. The old-school twitter widgets used to direct visitors to your Twitter page, and then to follow you!

I have already installed the new follow button on Blog37 (See it, and hit it, at the top right corner of the blog). To make your own Follow button go to, click on “resources” (at the bottom; footer links), and then “Create Follow Button”.



You can also embed the Follow Button within the post content itself. Example:

Interested in blog posts?

New: Twitter “mention & DM” notifications!


Twitter now sends an email notification to you whenever someone mentions or DMs  you on Twitter! This, somehow, will be, and is, very annoying!



Below is how I turned them off.. easy (Read here a HOW-TO)

One more thing, this is being gradually applied on all twitter accounts. I had it on the blog account, but not on my personal one yet!

Twitter app for Blackberry

BlackBerry’s official Twitter app  is available for download. as stated this should be the best client for the bb devices since its designed by RIM .

Download it directly from your device


I downloaded the app for testing. Looks amazing and easy to navigate within… Read more

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