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Apple to launch iOS powered TV display!?


It has been rumored for a very long time, a TV apple display! “The former Apple executive, speaking with us on condition of anonymity, told us that that the company’s biggest upcoming product launch will be one that hasn’t been made official yet — Apple has plans to enter the TV business.” – DailyTech. The new display is said to be large with an Apple-TV built in, but will not be developed in-house as other Apple products.

Interesting, I’m definitely getting one of those.. if launched soon. the launch is expected to be on next fall.

Back To The Future, False prediction

way off

من سيربح المليون – behind the scenes

Nothing New To Report

do they all use the same newspaper?


2002 – 2009: how far we’ve come.

thanks bader

Bo-Rashed protesting

good move


“It’s 2010. You know — the future. The first entertainment advancement of this strange new decade comes to us from the leader in TV sports and Dad-like catchphrases. ESPN 3D is a newly announced channel that will show around 85 live sporting events in 3D during its first year, launching on June 11 with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match. Other events will include the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, various college basketball and football games, and the Summer X Games. You’ll need a new 3D-capable HDTV”.


cant wait to watch 3D world cup games!

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Mohammad AlJuwaihel


Mohammad Aljuwaihel’s Channel “AlSoor” should be up and running today on this frequency:
Nilesat 11555 Vertical

w allah e3een eldeera

* just got it from a friend, not confirmed if anyone got the channel running please let us know.

what are you sinking about

Zain Create TVC’s – HILARIOUS!!

LOL ! Whats wrong with this picture eh? :P