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Best solution for traffic jam in Kuwait

It’s been like hell in the past few months, traffic jams have never been as bad as they are now. Day by day, it grows worse and in everywhere with no exception! I had the idea of a new concept car that fits traffic jams in Kuwait… imagine a car with only brakes! because.. in any way.. you’ll always be stuck in traffic and won’t even have a chance to go beyond 10 km/h

PS: Image is photoshop-ped!

WainDarby: a social network for Traffic updates is a new Kuwaiti social network for Traffic updates. The idea is so simple, you’re going to some place and you figure out that the traffic is jammed in some street, you simply report it to WainDarby so other users can avoid the Jam! Simple, smart, and useful in these days where we face unexplained traffic jam every day! The website owner has created a video to explain the concept, watch it below:




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صورة: أبيخ موقف يصير فيك بالشارع


لما تنحكر بين الرصيف و سيارة عند فرعي بجانب أي إشارة

و تكون متأخر


محكور محكور محكووووور.. يا ولدي