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VIVA: Motorola XOOM.. Exclusively!

Exclusively with VIVA Internet packages

VIVA provides the new Motorola XOOM tablet for 99 KD





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What is it with Kuwaiti parliament members?!

Dr. Hassan jowhar

Dr. Hassan jowhar

Do they have this much of free time? It is truely unbelievable…

The respectful parliament member Dr. Hassan Jowhar had a question about whether the BlackBerry Messaging services is being charged for or not! comeon man! you can simply make a call to 107 (Zain), 102 (VIVA), or 121 (Wataniya)… and just ask about it!

Basically, telecom companies pay to RIM (Research In Motion; mother company of BlackBerry) per each subscriber on monthly basis, this fee is called SAF (Subscriber activation fee) and BBM comes as a part of the BlackBerry data package provided by Telecom companies in association with RIM. Is it really that hard to get such information? God Bless GOOGLE!

One more thing, if I’m not getting this wrong… he’s probably asking about the International BlackBerry data fees (per traffic). Most telecom companies have specific data caps of free usage, if passed, they will start charging per KB, depending on their price model.

To our respectful parliament members… get a life! get busy… people!