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technology and human manners


I guess you all know how technology has improved our way of living and saved our time , but sill some people don’t know how to handle it and mis-use it , and they lake the etiquette of having this technology .

Like when you go to the bank all dress up, you have waiting for your turn and by the time you set down the bank teller answers a customer on phone, how rude is that.  And when you go the co-op to get your thing and while you’re standing in line for the cashier, you don’t wanna hear the whole conversation of a woman talking to her mother about some cheese cake recipe, or another woman shouting at her kids at home to behave. I mean in public places keep your calls short this will save you a lot on your mobile bill next month .

Another mobile service that is so important. It’s the (waiting) ! ,, when you get in the middle of your conversation and you are about to make your point .. your friend on the other line simply picks the other call leaving you hanging  there!! By the time her gets to you .. you forgot what was it that your were talking about !.. personally I prefer not to have this service! Because some people just keeps on calling you if you had other line and annoy you till you answer them !

As for instant messaging,, I find people telling me you ignore us ,, your nose is up in the air ! but they have no idea that I might be having better things to do then waste my time chatting .

Finally I think that we should set a new rules of human manners to prevent the awkward situations and not to be take away by this huge inventions every day     

My BlackBerry got NUKED!

Just got in my bed getting ready to sleep… I received a BlackBerry messenger message from a friend with a URL, and I clicked on that link.. My BlackBerry screen turned completely white and rebooted by itself. I threw it aside till it finishes rebooting for like 15 minutes, but… still loading! I tried every reboot method I know but nothing worked… anyway, my BlackBerry 9700 got into an infinite reboot loop; i.e Nuked! Read more

Connected world



“It’s 2010. You know — the future. The first entertainment advancement of this strange new decade comes to us from the leader in TV sports and Dad-like catchphrases. ESPN 3D is a newly announced channel that will show around 85 live sporting events in 3D during its first year, launching on June 11 with the first 2010 FIFA World Cup match. Other events will include the 2011 BCS National Championship Game, various college basketball and football games, and the Summer X Games. You’ll need a new 3D-capable HDTV”.


cant wait to watch 3D world cup games!

thanks Fawaz

HP Slate

This is the new HP tablet PC “slate” teaser which will be released later this year. 2010 will start the “tablet” hype like what happened in 08/09 when the netbook suddenly got all the attention from the manufactures and started a market-share war within the major producers. We’ve already heard about  apple’s new tablet computer coming up soon.. no specifications was announced on both.

iPhone, credit card reader

Mophie today broadcast its intent to get into mobile payment by unveiling early details of a credit card reader for the iPhone. The peripheral when attached will let owners “complete financial transactions on the go” and will come Read more

Nokia N900

The new nokia n900 is based on Maemo platform which was used on N810, this Maemo platform is based on Linux which opens up the limits for Apps developers and adds more stability to the new nokia’s device.

for a full specifications click here

Unboxing Nokia N900

looks like the BB & iPhone hype had more impact than expected


“Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) – Nokia Oyj, the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, had its first net loss since the company began reporting quarterly in 1996, hurt by costs related to a joint venture with  Siemens AG and weaker demand.

The net loss totaled 559 million euros ($834 million), after a profit of 1.09 billion euros a year earlier.”

Nokia also said that its smartphone market share dropped to 35% versus 41% in the previous quarter. 6% drop within the last 3 months is not normal at all.. its like 6% of the Nokia smartphones owners switched to another brand.


bloomberg, Engadget


I’ve posted last month on iBluetooth app that it reached the final stages. The app got released few days ago but from a different developer not the same group of ibluetoothproject. I didn’t try the app yet but I’ll post a screenshot once I try it.

Price is around 3 euros.

you can find the application on cydia under iSpazio repo.

I’d prefer to wait for the iPhone 3.0 preview on the 17th of march, they might include the bluetooth file-transfer feature with the new firmware.


24 SSDs linked to one computer

geekie but still interesting :D