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Coming to an annoying record store near you.


YahoO! Answers

Mr.Right .. ehh?


I’ve been getting all those stupid message over my BlackBerry messenger about “I haven’t met Mr. Right yet.. But I have met with Mr. As***le… etc”. I swear that I received this message more than 20 times in a single day, and all were broadcasts.

I came out with one conclusion.. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BAD CHOICE THAT A GIRL MAKES! Don’t blame guys for your shi* ! I’m not saying that all guys are good… la walla 7asha ! But you know what? Do you wanna know about my personal experience? I met Ms. Drama Queen, I met Ms. Shallow, I met Ms. No Brains, I met Ms. Cheating! … And believe it or not, I got an extended list that I don’t want to share!

So, girls.. stop broadcasting stupid things, specially when it comes to relationships!

one of Iran’s rallies.. photoshop failure


I declare myself an Anti-Haleema person!

It’s nothing personal… but it’s the way she talks, and the way she expresses what she feels… it just makes me sick!
I’m so sure that she’s some kind of a “role model” to some girls.. but how would you tolerate a girl talking this way?



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