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Reunited after 21 years…

I’m sure you have heard stories about people reuniting after being away for years, but this time it’s my story…

Khalil was my childhood friend since we were 6 years old till the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait, and I haven’t heard from him since then. We used to live in the same complex in Salmiya back then, we grew up together, went to school together, had the same interests, collected postal stamps together, assembled LEGO cars and planes, collected Thundercats action figures… we have even had that crazy thought of “building a robot”, all because of the influence of “Sanshiro” cartoon series lol…

Throughout the years I tried to reach to him, I have also contacted “Majed” magazine asking for their help finding my best childhood friend!! but with no use. Few months back, while I was reorganizing my “postal stamps collection” which I started collecting along with Khalil, he came to my mind, and with my laptop next to me, I ran a search on facebook.. and there he was!! God!! what am I supposed to send him? how do I say it’s me Nasser! Does he remember me?.. I sent him a message asking if he was the Khalil I knew.. and waited for his reply for 4 months.. see below

Just gave him a call, but he didn’t pickup  :P I miss you buddy.. :)

MaskTales Creepy story competition

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What goes around comes around

Rapist asks for death, fears rape in prison,

“Earlier this year, Angel Galvan-Hernandez pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree rape in the separate August 2007 attacks at the waterfront park” 

“I prefer death a thousand times over being raped,” said Galvan-Hernandez.

A tiny man less than 5 feet in height, Galvan-Hernandez told the court he’d been sexually assaulted numerous times as a street youth in Mexico.

“I want to pay for the act of cowardice,” he added. “I admit it, but I just don’t want to be raped.”