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I want SOMEcontrast Back!

It’s been almost 11 months since their announcement about stopping the blog. SOMEcontrast, was, and will always be, one of the best blogs I enjoy reading. every now and then I visit SC to go through their reviews, topics, visits.. even the rant posts! Meshari and Yousef, I DEMAND THAT YOU GET SOMEcontrast UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!

People, show them some love and write a comment asking them to get back

I’ll deliver your comments to them, personally.. PRINTED!

Microsims Microsims Microsims…

Well, a very funny tale to tell started 2 days ago… when SOMEcontrast leaked some exclusive news on Zain’s Microsim cards – which are by the way already available in Zain warehouse. The day after, Wataniya holds a press conference to claim that they have launched microsims first? And now… News on VIVA’s microsims (Post was removed! I got a screen shot anyway) including a photo of the card next to an iPad (WiFi version: Below).. the thing that I don’t really get!

This really raises some facts & questions…

  1. SOMEcontrast post on Zain Microsim has – certainly- driven VIVA & Wataniya telecoms to push their press releases so early… This is really powerful! greetings to Yousef and Mishary… good job guys :)
  2. As for the other “followers”… You should try harder! specially when it comes to twisting facts.
  3. Why releasing Microsims now? even before the US launch of iPad 3G?
  4. We all now know for a fact; with a single post you can provoke a telecom company to issue a press release and even to take a go-to-market decision before a proper field test!? woooh! very smart
  5. Bloggers interested in “Microsims”, ignoring Somecontrast post, and writing about their – favorite… maybe – companies? this indicates a serious credibility issue people! is it about promoting a company? or news delivery?
  6. Would the word “first” give a higher speed? or even a better price? I don’t think so…

SOMEcontrast IE issue solved

Finally, the IE problem not displaying posts was solved yesterday. Let me take you into a brief of what exactly happened.

At the beginning, SOMEcontrast was attacked by a web trojan that promotes other websites through code injection techniques. The code was injected into almost 400 PHP files I have found in the backedup files Yousef have provided to us (Hamad, and Me). So, the plan was to get a new more secured hosting plan, trasnfer to the new host, install a fresh copy of WordPress latest version, migrate both posts & comments database and finally images and templates.

Hamad did the hosting and domain part, and I handled the data migration part. And since I was using FireFox, everything seemed ok, I jumped to google chrome just to confirm the template compatibility.. and TADAA.. everything is OK.

SOMEcontrast goes live, and two days later I got a call from Yousef telling me that his readers cannot view posts via IE.. and only IE! I did a little research and found out that IE actually had a million billion trillion issues with WordPress! DAMN YOU MICROSOFT! I did everything as adviced in the WP support forums, but still no use… that was through almost 4? 5 weeks?!

And yesterday… I got another call from Yousef while I was packing my stuff and getting ready to leave my office..

Yousef: Nasser 3endek explorer?
Nasser: ee 3endi.. laish?
Yousef: ba6lah o desh somecontrast.. shoofa yeba6el wela la?
Nasser: ok la7tha.. *tik tik tik* !! ba66aal!!
Yousef: hahahahaaaa
Nasser: Shesalfa?! shlon?!
Yousef: code ghala6 eb wa7ed min el flash Ads!
Nasser: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. 7asset nafsi ghabi…

Seriously guys… I felt stupid for not thinking about a “MISSING SEMICOLON IN A JAVASCRIPT CODE” while I was scanning every single character in 600+ php files…

That’s it… :\

Read SOMEcontrast post about the story here