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Twitter app for Blackberry

BlackBerry’s official Twitter app  is available for download. as stated this should be the best client for the bb devices since its designed by RIM .

Download it directly from your device


I downloaded the app for testing. Looks amazing and easy to navigate within… Read more

Google Chrome for Mac


Google has released a few months ago for the PC and it had a good feedback from the users for its simpliness and the crash-free experience. now its out for the Mac OSX, I’ve tried it for a couple of days and i think its pretty good for a first release. it has nothing more than normal browser, of course it’ll face a tough competition from the safari since its kinda crash-free app. I hope they do integrate more options into it so it can be differed from the other browsers.

you can download it from here

Football Manager 2010 is out!


Football manager 2010 got released 2 days ago. I’ve tried it for a couple of hours this game is amazing and it keep getting better with every version, simply addictive.

you can buy it from to get your hard copy or the digital download option. enjoy