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Site Review :

I have found this nice website today that allows you to show you work and get paid too , or if you want to buy some of the files that have been arranged by their categories . 

  • flash
  • music
  • sounds
  • PSD templates
  • 3D models 
  • video
  • printing 

and much more … sign up is free ، also to make more money you can bid on projects . 

new idea worth to give it a look .


iPhone 4 quick review

I promised to post a full review about iPhone 4, but the videos I have recorded do not seem to work for some reason. Anyway, I had some captures and few notes, specially in regards to the so-called antenna problem.

I wish I could have posted a more detailed review… but this is what I currently have:

  • Shape
  • Installation
  • Performance
  • Antenna and reception

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Review : Prince of Persia



Based on a video game Disney Produced this adventure movie but i have to say that they don’t know nothing about Persia’s History!! they are so confused with the Islamic empire and that shows so clear in the castles and buildings and you can hear arabic words in the background  .. and also like any other amarican movie they have to show the one arabic character as greedy race gambler who don’t like to pay taxes! i mean was there any taxes at that time??? 

other than that it was and funny movie if your taking your kids too .. cause of the animation and visual effect ..

I personally rate it ,, 4.5/10 

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