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Question of the week – 5

Well… It’s been a while since I posted “question of the week” and I apologize for that. I had so many things to take care of beside my regular daily work – which is taking almost my whole time. So, to make it up to you my dearest readers, I’m giving you two questions instead of one :P

Question #5.1:

Why isn’t the number 11 pronounced Onety One?

Question #5.2:

A good friend of mine offered me a Mac, a Developer license, and the freedom to make any application I want… in return of making an iPhone application for him too. Well, the thing is that I have no clue about “Objective C” programming language – an extension of “C” language- used for iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps development. The challenge is to make an iPhone application from scratch within 10 days, without any prior knowledge of Mac OS or iPhone & iPad SDK.

Shall I take the challange?

Question of the week – 3

Here comes our 3rd question :)

Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?


Question of the week – 2

Hey ppl! My last question was about why Hamad is always posting pics and nothing else… but this time my question is kinda stupid-sophist question… think deeply before you answer:

If an orange is orange and is called an orange, then why isnt a banana that is yellow called yellow?

: I don’t know the answer… and don’t try googling it!

Question of the week

Well, we’re going to start something new here in Blog37. Every Sunday, we will post a question for our valued readers to answer. Mostly a riddle.. or maybe just any question!

This week’s question is:

Why does Hamad post pics… and only pics?

I’ll make sure to provide valuable prizes for the winners in the future… in case we get sponsored! *Naqza*.
Comeon  people, post your answers in the comments.