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“Abstract Female Art in Photoshop” Amal’s edition

off course you all know PSDtuts+ site ? I found a nice tutorial about Abstract Female Art in Photoshop and i thought i should try this ;) …..

and here is what i used …

and I know its a little bit childish to take Britney Spears picture but i love her ;$  the credits are for these sites if you wanna try it too ;)

Britney Spreas


Stars Brushs

But you have to make your own circles ^.^ cuz I made mine

and did some extra steps that were not included ,, couldn’t help but to play around ^.*

as for the real thing ……..

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Avatared myself!

I don’t know where my AVATAR addiction is taking me… and the image above is the last thing I have done; I AVATRED myself… shraykom!? :P

one of Iran’s rallies.. photoshop failure