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Old is gold: Shwayekh min arth maknas


I remember this when I was a little kid, a song from the golden age… the song is a very well known one, but this time “Rajaa’ Mohammed” is singing. An appearance of most of the golden age actors and actresses in Kuwait. Ordered as they have appeared in the video:

  • Ghanim Al.Salih
  • Ibrahim Al.Harbi
  • Ibrahim Al.Sallal
  • Taiba Al.faraj
  • Jassim Al.Nabhan
  • Taiba Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Al.Mansour
  • Mee’ad Awwad
  • Hayat Al.fahad
  • Ahmad Al.Saleh
  • Maryam Al.Saleh

Mazaj Elyoum..

قارئة الفنجان .. rare video

watch till the end

Back To The Future, False prediction

way off

Ya Shams

على هالجو… رحم الله والديج يا شمس تكفين غيبي

Mazaj Elyoum..

يا كويت

good old days

thanks B.

What 200mb looked like in 1970


Old Toyota Ad.

very ironic :D