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Mazaj elyom: En ya7remona


Old is gold: A7mad ra7 el7adiqa

Remember this? You won’t if you were born later than 1988 I guess.. does any one know which year was that video?

Youtube link

Old is gold: Shwayekh min arth maknas


I remember this when I was a little kid, a song from the golden age… the song is a very well known one, but this time “Rajaa’ Mohammed” is singing. An appearance of most of the golden age actors and actresses in Kuwait. Ordered as they have appeared in the video:

  • Ghanim Al.Salih
  • Ibrahim Al.Harbi
  • Ibrahim Al.Sallal
  • Taiba Al.faraj
  • Jassim Al.Nabhan
  • Taiba Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Al.Mansour
  • Mee’ad Awwad
  • Hayat Al.fahad
  • Ahmad Al.Saleh
  • Maryam Al.Saleh

Mazaj elYoum

YouTube Link

Mazaj Elyoum..

قارئة الفنجان .. rare video

watch till the end

Coming to an annoying record store near you.


Guy Plays Super Mario Bros

Guy Plays Super Mario Bros – Watch more Game Trailers

Rocky Road to Dublin

just saw sherlock holmes and this was the movie’s soundtrack

loved it!


Mazaj elyoum..