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Just got my new toy :D

* Question: does Wataniya telecom. offer the micro-sim for voice/data, if yes. whats the procedure to get one and will it replace my current sim or i can use them both “closing one and runnin the other”

* i’ve sent an e-mail to the support dep. in wataniya few days ago asking the same Q above and when they finally replied all i got is this:

“Dear Valuable Customer,

Thank you for contacting us and giving us opportunity to serve you as we are more than willing to address your questions that you may have.

(We would like to ask you to visit the nearest Wataniya Branch to complete your request)

We hope the addresses your query.”

this wasn’t an automated reply but the “visit the branch” way they use to avoid answering any question really sucks.


technology and human manners


I guess you all know how technology has improved our way of living and saved our time , but sill some people don’t know how to handle it and mis-use it , and they lake the etiquette of having this technology .

Like when you go to the bank all dress up, you have waiting for your turn and by the time you set down the bank teller answers a customer on phone, how rude is that.  And when you go the co-op to get your thing and while you’re standing in line for the cashier, you don’t wanna hear the whole conversation of a woman talking to her mother about some cheese cake recipe, or another woman shouting at her kids at home to behave. I mean in public places keep your calls short this will save you a lot on your mobile bill next month .

Another mobile service that is so important. It’s the (waiting) ! ,, when you get in the middle of your conversation and you are about to make your point .. your friend on the other line simply picks the other call leaving you hanging  there!! By the time her gets to you .. you forgot what was it that your were talking about !.. personally I prefer not to have this service! Because some people just keeps on calling you if you had other line and annoy you till you answer them !

As for instant messaging,, I find people telling me you ignore us ,, your nose is up in the air ! but they have no idea that I might be having better things to do then waste my time chatting .

Finally I think that we should set a new rules of human manners to prevent the awkward situations and not to be take away by this huge inventions every day     

Official Blackberry 6 preview video

Nokia N900

The new nokia n900 is based on Maemo platform which was used on N810, this Maemo platform is based on Linux which opens up the limits for Apps developers and adds more stability to the new nokia’s device.

for a full specifications click here

Unboxing Nokia N900

New BlackBerry Messenger is out


RIM just released a new version of the Blackberry Messenger 5.0 which seems to be a maintenance for the current 5.0 app.

This version doesn’t really add new features but finally it’ll let you be able to get a visible preview of the incoming pictures. also it has some menu-adjustments.

you can download the new version by going to on your blackberry device.

The inventor of Mobile Phones

Dr. Martin Cooper with one of the first made mobile phones

Dr. Martin Cooper with one of the first made mobile phones

Ever wondered who was the inventor of mobile phones? It was Dr. Martin Cooper in 1973. The 1st mobile phone call ever was while walking in the streets of NY with a journalist as a witness. The funny thing is that Dr. Martin – worked for Motorolla- made his first calls to his rivals in Bell Labs and Joel Engel!

source: GB86′s Weblog

Blackberry’s Facebook 1.7 is out!


Facebook Mobile for BlackBerry (version 1.7) provides the following feature enhancements:

  • News Feed Support – The ability to set the News Feed as the landing page
  • News Feed Filters – The ability to toggle between ‘News Feed, Status Updates, Photos & Links’
  • Caching Improvements – The application uses the device memory more efficiently.
  • Feed Pre-fetching – The user will not be required to wait while their Facebook Feeds are updated
  • View Profile Menu Option – Clients may easily view their own profile by selecting ‘View my Profile’ from the menu. “

you can download it from or from your bb device

Blackberry messenger 5.0


BlackBerry® Messenger 5.0

Launch Date: Global – October 7, 2009

“BlackBerry® Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows BlackBerry Smartphone users to send and receive instant messages with other BlackBerry Smartphone users.”

so tomorrow we’ll start getting all the msgs with the links to download the new bbm, I suggest all of you guys get the link from or any trusted source u know and ignore all the links from the bbm msgs just to be in the safe side cause you don’t want your contacts to be erased.


  • Enhanced SMS -Allows for a conversational chat-like user experience with a single contact list for the most personal mobile-to-mobile communications
    • Note: BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and later is required for the SMS functionality.
  • Avatars - Users can choose a picture from the BlackBerry Smartphone gallery and save it as their personal avatar, which will be seen by their contacts. They can also view other avatars in the contact list and zoom in on the avatars of contacts participating in a conversation by selecting “View participants.”
  • Large Media File Transfer - Users can send/receive large file transfers up to 6 megabytes for pictures, files and audio.
    • Note: BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 is required to receive large media files.
  • Enhanced Group Functionality - Allows for the ability to update, share & communicate with a subset community.
  • Bar-code Identity - A user can add a contact to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that invitees can capture with their device cameras.
  • Reliable Contact Backup and Restore - Contacts are backed-up on a server and do not require the need for BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.
  • Source

    * EDIT: this is the full guide u need to install/configure and know how to use the new features. LINK

    GCC networks


    look what I’ve found while searching for a network..

    Zain’s roumered surprise is now a FACT

    Apparantly, the lately Zain’s roumered big hit surprise has turned into a fact after releasing the new e-GO 21.6 mbps. I saw the Ad in alwatan newspaper today (1st page), and it says you can subscribe at Zain’s branches, meaning it’s out there for sale! Go grab your device now!



    Zain’s branches: [click here]