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Does Zain MiFi explode?


Does Zain MiFi explode? I read an interesting post on Frankom about a Novatel MiFi model that actually explodes upon usage. That called for an investigation, and since I already got one, I took the following photo to show the existing Novatel MiFi model provided by Zain: Model 2352.

The Bombing model number is: 2372 as I read on engadget

Thanks to Frankom for the news.

Well.. Zain MiFi vs. Cameo?

Photo By: Soud Al.Awadhi

I got the same emails iLSuL6ana got and posted about few days ago. The email suggests that Zain’s MiFi is a total ripoff with the KD 85 price, plus a subscription for 30 KD?


It’s 30 KD for the device if you subscribe for a Data package, which is 30 KD/Mo if you do not have a contract in Zain, and 27 KD/Mo if you do. Here’s the thing, a list of features that you cannot find in the device sold in cameo for KD 70:

  • The device is customized to suit Zain’s network and to avoid connection drops.
  • The device is Auto-configured to be immediately connected to Zain’s network.
  • An Arabic interface for the routers’ control panel.
  • A ONE YEAR warranty on the device.

A small calculation:
If I get the cameo MiFi for KD 70 + a 35 KD/Mo Premium Data subscription from VIVA (for example), I will end up paying:
70 + (35 x 12) = KD 490 for the 1st year.


But, If I get the Zain MiFi, It is KD 30 + a 30 KD/Mo Super Data subscription from Zain (for those not having contracts in Zain, and KD 27 for contract holders), I will end up paying:

30 + (30×12) = KD 390 for the 1st year.


I think that a KD 100 makes a big difference PLUS the features above!



Exclusive: Zain MiFi Radio Ads


“Zain MiFi Radio Ad – 3ammi a7mad”

“Zain MiFi Radio Ad – Akher bo6ol Maay”

* QuickTime player required [download]

Review: Zain MiFi (Video Included)

Unboxing Zain MiFi

Unboxing Zain MiFi

As I mentioned before, We were given a Zain MiFi device to review in Blog37 (thanks to Zain’s marketing division). Honestly, the device was easy to install and configure, if you follow the included manual, which is so easy to follow by the way.

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