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VIVA Microsims available soon

It has been confirmed that VIVA have completed testing and branding their Microsims. Below are the pictures of the tested sims on an iPad 3G device:

It is also worth mentioning that VIVA microsims will be commercially available soon in their branches.

Source: Huna Al.Kuwait

Microsims Microsims Microsims…

Well, a very funny tale to tell started 2 days ago… when SOMEcontrast leaked some exclusive news on Zain’s Microsim cards – which are by the way already available in Zain warehouse. The day after, Wataniya holds a press conference to claim that they have launched microsims first? And now… News on VIVA’s microsims (Post was removed! I got a screen shot anyway) including a photo of the card next to an iPad (WiFi version: Below).. the thing that I don’t really get!

This really raises some facts & questions…

  1. SOMEcontrast post on Zain Microsim has – certainly- driven VIVA & Wataniya telecoms to push their press releases so early… This is really powerful! greetings to Yousef and Mishary… good job guys :)
  2. As for the other “followers”… You should try harder! specially when it comes to twisting facts.
  3. Why releasing Microsims now? even before the US launch of iPad 3G?
  4. We all now know for a fact; with a single post you can provoke a telecom company to issue a press release and even to take a go-to-market decision before a proper field test!? woooh! very smart
  5. Bloggers interested in “Microsims”, ignoring Somecontrast post, and writing about their – favorite… maybe – companies? this indicates a serious credibility issue people! is it about promoting a company? or news delivery?
  6. Would the word “first” give a higher speed? or even a better price? I don’t think so…