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Al.Gayla with Talal & Mic

A week a go I received a kind invitation from my dear friend Mic Embalta3 to Al.Gayla’s press conference in Lenotre. As always.. I got there late, and I was really surprised seeing my Camera turned on; no battery :|

Anyway, Al.Gayla is the first radio show to be run and organized by a private firm (Senyar MB) as Mr. Khalid Al.Roudan announced during the conference, and is to be presented by Talal Al.Yagout and Mic Embalta3 on Kuwait radio station. They’ve talked about the diversity of topics they will cover during the show, and I was really happy knowing that they welcome bloggers input into the show! WOW! This is new, and very creative :)

Wish you all the best dear friends :)

Thanks to 7ajidude for the pics



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another video for mic embalta3 on 4thringroad, this guy is hilarious