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Recent changes on facebook

I have tried the recently announced changes on facebook user homepage. At first sight, you will definitely get confused unless you follow a graphical guide you’ll find at the top of the home page. But, after reviewing and actually using these updates, I found them very useful, smooth, and easy to use.


1- Updates time line:

A dynamic timeline that loads the “twitter way” showing recent updates at the top. This timeline will show at the top right side for your facebook homepage. Below is a screen shot of hovering an update, and getting its details displayed:

2- Custom lists:

Have ever wanted to list your friends into limited access, close friends, workmates, family members..etc to view updates from that specific list? As well as targeting them with specific status updates or walls posts? facebook custom lists now give you this feature. Below are two screen shots I have taken while creating a list for friends interested in receiving Blog37 updates.



3- Top Stories marking

Yes, you can mark stories in the timeline to be Top Stories showing always at the top of the page. Some stories will be initially marked as Top stories, I’m not sure on what basis, but I think it’s based on the level of people interaction with that specific post/article/story. Below is a screen shot of how to set a recent story into a top story, on your own feed!


Official video released by facebook below…

YouTube link