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Our friend, p0ach has published the participants videos of his I LOVE KUWAIT competition. Aziz, Khalid, Dhari, Lujain, and the amazing Um-Ra3ad! Watch the “I LOVE KUWAIT” videos on and vote for the best one!

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“Put yourself in her shoes” video

HRW says “Put yourself in her shoes”

A house maid being beaten to death… maid suicides in Kuwait… Brutality… abuse… How many times have you read about such incidents in Kuwait? If you ask me, I’d say “Almost everyday”.

Below is a press release from “Human Rights Watch” about a campaign being launched in Kuwait to reveal abuse and improve conditions for domestic workers. A must read…

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Kuwait: Put Yourself in Her Shoes Campaign
Human Rights-Based Drive to Reveal Abuses and Improve Conditions for Domestic Workers
(Kuwait City, October 3, 2010) – Advocacy groups that have reported on violations of domestic workers’ rights in Kuwait today began an intensive advertising and outreach campaign to promote respect for the rights of these workers.  The Kuwait Human Rights Society; The Kuwait Society for Basic Evaluators of Human Rights; The Kuwait Center for Expatriates’ Rights; and the Kuwait Social Work Society  joined with Human Rights Watch, which documents human rights abuses worldwide,  to raise  awareness of  the abuses faced by domestic workers in Kuwait. Read more

Khaled Al-Fadalah

To follow the updates of Khaled Al-Fadala’s case visit Sar7aan

About The Case

Education.. what?

During the time our respectful – are they? – parliament members are fighting over Sunna-Shi’a issues in Islamic subjects, our children, brother & sisters are missing the “real” necessary education. I’m not saying the religious education is not necessary, it is! but it’s really important to provide a better “science-oriented” education. Comparing the Kuwaiti schools to America, Kuwait is definitely way beyond, but to show how important it is for Americans, and how frustrated they are because they fell into #20 in graduation rates. I wonder what is Kuwait’s rank?

Below, is a video I found on Vimeo, it literally describes the education crisis in America… the thing that exactly applies on Kuwait, taking into consideration that it is much much much worse in Kuwait. Watch it, and you’ll feel bad!

TakePart: Participant Media – Waiting For ‘Superman’ – Infographic from Jr.canest on Vimeo.

When a Minister gives a promise…

In an interview with Alqabas newspaper, the respectful Mr. Bader Al.Shuraian – Minister of Electricity in Kuwait promised that the ministry will deliver TWO NEW ELECTRICAL POWER STATIONS in 2011. I do believe in Mr. Bader… but I don’t believe in the government! Just to keep an eye, and not to forget… I have installed a countdown plugin in the right column which will count for a whole year, plus a bonus of extra 5 days :P

Will they be up to it?

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Share your opinion with us…
[Full interview]

Zain Kuwait: Khalid Al.Omar as CEO

Khalid Al.Omar - Zain Kuwait CEO

Following the finalization of Zain Africa sale, Zain management took further steps in re-organizing the management structure by switching positions and appointing new names. Khalid Al.Omar was appointed today as Zain Kuwait CEO, where Khalid Al.Hajeri (Former Zain kuwait CEO) was appointed as Zain CEO advisor for Saudi Affairs. The changes included the return of the former CEO Barrak Al.Sabeeh as Zain Group COO (Chief Operating Officer).

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Global shareholders.. get ready for more

om9edda‘s blog has revealed some crystal clear details on global’s scandal that occured one year ago with “mazaya KSA”.

I do recommend reading it since it is totally unbiased information regarding a company that weights just too much in our little economy.

Kuwait Metro’s map


المشكله انه محسوب علينا

check it out from 1:14

This video came to mind when i saw the one above