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iPhone 4S starting from 1 KD –

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I have received this new year’s offer from sounds interesting! There important notes though…

  • Joining and bidding is free
  • The offer includes two separate auctions
  • You can add as many bids as you want
  • The item will be sold to the highest bidder for the amount he/she bidded for.

N.O Collection is back again

Are you into Jewels?

Then you should know that N.O Collection is now back with a new set of Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Choose what you like from the collection and have it delivered to you.

For details and information:

SMS: 69990188
Twitter: @NOCollection

I would say, that I mostly post about tech stuff, gadgets, movies..etc, but I also believe that supporting local small businesses is a must. Wishing all the best to N.O Collection and to all other small businesses.



What to wear? How to wear?

A new blog rocks K-Town in a fashionable way, Gris Agency blog. The guys over there definitely have a mission fixing the fashion crisis Kuwait is going through :P

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.

Jump to Gris Agency

Two weeks later…

The two weeks were so hectic to the extent that I could even post about anything. Where do I start? 


The little brave boy you have already read about.. bloggers, including me, were so busy looking for a sponsorship for the little man’s surgery.. I loved how energized and organized we were, and thanks to Allah, he was sponsored anonymously. I’d give the greatest gratitude to my sisters: Q8Rain & Iyaa (for being proactive to organize the giving initiative), Dudette from 7ajidude (For posting about Abdulkareem and the kids at NBK hospital), and Danderma (for taking the action to alert almost all bloggers about Abdulkareem’s story). Girls, We’re so proud of you.. I’m so proud of all my fellow bloggers… Thanks to Dr.Sajed Al.Abdali (@DrSajed) and Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain) for retweeting my post about Abdulkareem.

BlackBerry outage…

As some of you may know, I work in a telecom company, and being part of a team that confronts complaints and works them out as well as measuring social trends and alerting concerned departments & divisions. I won’t be giving details about the nature of my work, but you can never imagine how an outage of simple service like BlackBerry messaging  could generate such rage!

My Project…

Something big is in the making.. been working on this project since before Ramadan. This project, will be my one and only masterpiece, and let’s hope that it works as planned.. wish me luck!

iCity: MacBook Pro new prices

I came across this Ad in alwatan newspaper today, I called them to the prices:

2.0 GHz = 599 KD
2.2 GHz = 699 KD

Dear Bloggers, the WAR is ON!

I have just got a confirmation from an “insider” that a local company socialmedia/online team have decided NOT to:

  • Follow Blog37 on twitter
  • Send me their latest news and offers
  • Invite me to their events
Because.. well well well.. because of the posts below :)
I don’t have much followers on twitter and it shows in the right column on the blog, I may not have much daily visits or many comments on every post I publish… But I’m so certain that these posts have hit their target… as an old saying that states “اللي على راسه بطحه يتحسس عليها“.
Fellow bloggers, the war is now ON.. are we up to it? Are we to FORCE these companies to change their terms and conditions from “puppeteering” our blogs to “reserving an Ad spot” ? It’s your choice.


Old is gold: A7mad ra7 el7adiqa

Remember this? You won’t if you were born later than 1988 I guess.. does any one know which year was that video?

Youtube link

Best solution for traffic jam in Kuwait

It’s been like hell in the past few months, traffic jams have never been as bad as they are now. Day by day, it grows worse and in everywhere with no exception! I had the idea of a new concept car that fits traffic jams in Kuwait… imagine a car with only brakes! because.. in any way.. you’ll always be stuck in traffic and won’t even have a chance to go beyond 10 km/h

PS: Image is photoshop-ped!

Old is gold: Shwayekh min arth maknas


I remember this when I was a little kid, a song from the golden age… the song is a very well known one, but this time “Rajaa’ Mohammed” is singing. An appearance of most of the golden age actors and actresses in Kuwait. Ordered as they have appeared in the video:

  • Ghanim Al.Salih
  • Ibrahim Al.Harbi
  • Ibrahim Al.Sallal
  • Taiba Al.faraj
  • Jassim Al.Nabhan
  • Taiba Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Al.Mansour
  • Mee’ad Awwad
  • Hayat Al.fahad
  • Ahmad Al.Saleh
  • Maryam Al.Saleh

Al.Gayla with Talal & Mic

A week a go I received a kind invitation from my dear friend Mic Embalta3 to Al.Gayla’s press conference in Lenotre. As always.. I got there late, and I was really surprised seeing my Camera turned on; no battery :|

Anyway, Al.Gayla is the first radio show to be run and organized by a private firm (Senyar MB) as Mr. Khalid Al.Roudan announced during the conference, and is to be presented by Talal Al.Yagout and Mic Embalta3 on Kuwait radio station. They’ve talked about the diversity of topics they will cover during the show, and I was really happy knowing that they welcome bloggers input into the show! WOW! This is new, and very creative :)

Wish you all the best dear friends :)

Thanks to 7ajidude for the pics