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Nike: opening in Al.Bedaa

Received this neat invitation from Ali Abdulwahab Sons & Co for the opening of Nike store in Al.Bedaa Thursday May 24th, at 7:00pm. Guys, I’m picking up some Nike+ gadgets.. gotta lose some of that ugly belly fat :p

A wonderful gift was included with the invitation

A custom black T-shirt for Blog37 :)

Thanks for the wonderful invitation and Gift… This is an event that I won’t miss, If I get better inshalla (A combination of  junk food poisoning and seasonal flu.. no further details :p).

Will brief you guys on what happens there

PING!!! Dunkin Donuts, the BlackBerry flavor!



I have received this nice dunking donuts gift from RIM-BlackBerry, with a very nice customer-rewarding offer for BlackBerry users in Kuwait!




During May, RIM (BlackBerry Smartphone & PlayBook Maker) is now offering you a free treat from Dunking Donuts. Starting Wednesday, May 16th, and on every Wed during May between 6:00pm – 10:00pm you’ll be able to register your BlackBerry pin to Dunking Donuts branches in Mall 360, Alsalmiya, and Alkout to receive a free donut and coffee for yourself and a friend, and will also enter the draw to win weekly prizes.

There’s also more over the coming months.. stay tuned and connect to BlackBerry Middle east:

Facebook: HERE

Twitter: HERE


Thank you Dareen :)

Reunited after 21 years…

I’m sure you have heard stories about people reuniting after being away for years, but this time it’s my story…

Khalil was my childhood friend since we were 6 years old till the Iraqi invasion on Kuwait, and I haven’t heard from him since then. We used to live in the same complex in Salmiya back then, we grew up together, went to school together, had the same interests, collected postal stamps together, assembled LEGO cars and planes, collected Thundercats action figures… we have even had that crazy thought of “building a robot”, all because of the influence of “Sanshiro” cartoon series lol…

Throughout the years I tried to reach to him, I have also contacted “Majed” magazine asking for their help finding my best childhood friend!! but with no use. Few months back, while I was reorganizing my “postal stamps collection” which I started collecting along with Khalil, he came to my mind, and with my laptop next to me, I ran a search on facebook.. and there he was!! God!! what am I supposed to send him? how do I say it’s me Nasser! Does he remember me?.. I sent him a message asking if he was the Khalil I knew.. and waited for his reply for 4 months.. see below

Just gave him a call, but he didn’t pickup  :P I miss you buddy.. :)

Q Cafe restaurant

A kind invitation that I have received from Ms. Arwa Behbehani to a bloggers night at Q Cafe restaurant at The Village. The way I see it, simplicity is a key comfort factor for any restaurant which is missed by many of the newly opened ones. Yes, Q Cafe is now definitely one of my “fav-listed” comfort places in which I can have great food and enjoy the  lovely atmosphere.

The food, desserts, and beverages menus were rich of whatever you might like; “What’s so special here?” a question that popped into the mind of my cousin who joined me yesterday.. It’s those special food recipes of an ordinary dish.. Oh yes! the fries! You have to try the “sprinkled fries”! The very first moment I had one of those, I asked Ms. Arwa about the flavor, and how “NEW” it was. They do actually have a mix of herbs that they sprinkle over the fries which gives the special taste! the same thing goes for the rest of the menu, but with other kinds or special additions, flavors,.. and magical touches! :) Also to mention, the food was fairly rated.

Kuwaiti style Internet spamming

Here’s a fact, we in Kuwait pioneer Internet spamming in every way possible.. I keep receiving weird stuff on my email everyday from forums or marketing companies that I have never heard of! Take this one for example ““, their website has only one page that display and image of Kuwait towers, and lyrics of the national anthem!! But trust me, you don’t want to receive their emails. Below is an example email that I have received today:



How do they reach us?

Here is how: take a walk in “Bin Khaldoun street” in Hawali, you’ll see some ads about sending your promotional messages to over “100,000″ local emails. Go around and ask about the pricing, which will not exceed KD 50 max.

How do they get our emails?

Discussion forum owners do actually sell their user database information (Emails in specific) to different shops in Hawali, for 100 KD/list.

How can we stop it?

Enable spam filters and blacklist any spamming email (make sure to blacklist

Dear X-Cite.. seriously??

Let’s face it.. everyone of us is somehow addicted to a specific category when it comes to shopping regardless of the pricing of the item in mind, But the incredibly “crazy prices” at some electronics stores would really make you consider comparing prices (knowing that they’re not posted somewhere online, you’ll have to stop by every store you may know).. or maybe just forgetting about buying what you’ve been looking for!

In my case.. it’s the Apple Thunderbolt display 27″

Because I multi-task most of the time, it is impossible for me to work with one screen; I work on 2 browsers, Code editor (Multi window; for PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML), phpMyAdmin (MySQL management), and a debugger… all at once! so here comes the need of getting an extra display for my 27″ iMac. I’ll compare the local prices with the original Apple store price:

Apple Thunderbolt 
display 27″

Apple store (online) iCity X-Cite Alghanim
Price $999 = KD 276 KD 365 KD 319

KD 498
KD 399 (discounted) 

Have you noticed X-Cite’s pricing? the announced price is KD 498!! Seriously?? This is what exactly happened with me when I went to Alrai showroom and found the display I was looking for, actually couldn’t believe the numbers I was reading on the price tag! KD 498?? Is it gold plated or what!? So I called the salesman who confirmed the price to me, and started calculating the “discounted price”.. “Sir, it’ll be 400 KD after discount” he said.. “400 sharp?” I asked.. “naah, 399 KD something” he replied… woohoo! I feel much better now with the great discount!!!

That got me to think about the profit margin of every single item they sell; if Blink is selling the display for KD 319 with at least KD 30 profit, then X-Cite is making almost KD 110 profit for the same display, which is almost PLUS 40% profit margin if compared to the original Apple store price! And the same goes for iCity with a – sometimes- smaller margin

one word.. greedy!

Thank you @TheDietCare !

First of all, happy national holidays everyone! 

I hate it when I have this seasonal flu… sore throat, clogged ears.. can you believe that my nose actually “whistles” when I catch cold? Anyway.. The door bell rang yesterday while I was napping, and I heard the maid talking to the delivery guy who was saying it’s a gift from diet care. So, I decided to check on this gift when I wake up.

I woke up nearly after two hours, went downstairs to get the gift.. and guess what? this is how it was when I got there…


“3alekom bel3afya” was my immediate reaction… But I didn’t really know how would I blog about this! but I did after all… “it was” the national days healthy snacks basket, and I was lucky enough to have two of those sandwiches.. apparently I missed a lot…Thank you Diet Care for the wonderful gift :)

No comment.. Nabeel Alfadhel!!

Seriously.. no comment :) Ya bakhat eli sawetolek feek :)

YouTube link

Will “Mobily” become the 4th telecom operator in Kuwait?


You may have read it allover the news, but it is NOT TRUE. Then what’s the deal? The deal is that MOC (Ministry of communications) have signed a contract with SA Mobily operator (Subsidiary of the UAE Etisalat) and to be linked via “cable”… providing a closer, and more reliable international services carrier other than those in Dubai carrying Kuwait’s international communications.

I’m sorry folks, so the answer to the post title is NO :)

My latest toy from Blink

As I usually do on monthly basis, I surf around to check out when gadgets I would really need for my daily work and media storage. i came across this new toy, and it is a very good deal! Buffalo DriveStation 3.0TB – USB 3.0 (HD-LB.0TU3-EU) for 71 KD. The same item is available on for $350 (Equivalent to 95 KD)

I was lucky enough to pickup the last one :p I’ll review it once received.