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iPhone 4 quick review

I promised to post a full review about iPhone 4, but the videos I have recorded do not seem to work for some reason. Anyway, I had some captures and few notes, specially in regards to the so-called antenna problem.

I wish I could have posted a more detailed review… but this is what I currently have:

  • Shape
  • Installation
  • Performance
  • Antenna and reception

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Just got my new toy :D

* Question: does Wataniya telecom. offer the micro-sim for voice/data, if yes. whats the procedure to get one and will it replace my current sim or i can use them both “closing one and runnin the other”

* i’ve sent an e-mail to the support dep. in wataniya few days ago asking the same Q above and when they finally replied all i got is this:

“Dear Valuable Customer,

Thank you for contacting us and giving us opportunity to serve you as we are more than willing to address your questions that you may have.

(We would like to ask you to visit the nearest Wataniya Branch to complete your request)

We hope the addresses your query.”

this wasn’t an automated reply but the “visit the branch” way they use to avoid answering any question really sucks.