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Review: Mada ISDN – @Mada_Kuwait


A generous gift that I have received from Mada (ISP) two days ago, a bag including “Mada SOHO” router and landline phone set. I took few shots while I was installing the package to try the ISDN service, which will provide you with a landline phone based on Mada’s router. The setup was so easy, just plug the router to a power socket, connect your phone to the router.. and thats it! However, you should be familiar with setting up the router access credentials to be able to change the default Hotspot name and WEP key to your own.. if you weren’t, just follow the included guide! :)

Above, is the Mada SOHO router, that you might already be familiar with

As you can see above, Connected to Mada WiMax netwrok, the WiFi is on, and the “Phone” light is on (in blue), this means that the ISDN line service is active.

Connected the router to the phone.. I mean “The PINK phone” :p 
The funny thing is that I got a “PINK” phone, while PINK GIRL and JACQUI got YELLOW phones..
Looking at the bright side, its a phone that works :P

A trial call, calling from my cell to the new ISDN line

This is a service that will come in handy to manage your small business, coming with a reasonable yearly subscription. Here is a LINK to Mada’s website including service usage instructions, and pricing.

Follow Mada on Twitter: @Mada_Kuwait

Oh, one more thing.. Thanks to Mada, you can now call BLOG37 hotline


Fasttelco new TVC

New Fasttelco Ad, Just launched today :)

The skinny guy cracks me up lol

New Internet rates

I read on @FrankomBlog that the new internet rates have been set by all the local ISP’s after the agreement with MOC. below is the list:





Source: Frankom

NETGEAR Range Extender

I’ve been looking for this for over a month now, and I finally found it in X-Cite at a very good price (KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750). This is the best solution if you’re living in a typical Kuwaiti house, where “nuclear-war resistant concrete” walls surround you!

Installation was very simple, plugged it to power, turn it on, accessed the control panel wirelessly. You’ll have the option to either use the main router access credentials, or even set new login information for the extender itself. My original home WiFi was really impossible to reach, but with this new toy I can move around freely with full internet access.

Model number: WN2000RPT
Where to find it: X-Cite Alghanim
Price: KD 33 – %20 discount = KD 26.750 (I think this is a limited time offer)

I’m against the Internet CAP

Yes, we need to stand all together in the face of the unfair data caps, no matter what the companies or the MOC would say!! We’re now in a world where everything is being done online, our entire daily life is actually hooked to the Internet; business, entertainment, money transfers, daily tasks, and even the very basic communication requirements! What’s with Caps?! The companies claim that they are tied to limited usage offerings by the MOC in return to the huge amounts of money they pay. We totally understand that these companies are not charities.. yes we know that! but that does not give you the right to play around with the usage allowance!! taking the usage down, and raising the prices even more and more claiming they were “Limited time offers” ?? .. typical COW MILKING! A sick attempt to suck us dry!

Dear ISP’s, do you really care about your customers? If you really do, then why did you wait for this “E-Revolution” to rise against you and tear you into pieces!? Why didn’t you take the first step to fight against the retarded MOC regulations, if your claims were true in the first place? I’ll tell you why, because your customers were already paying and everything was fine! but now.. enough is enough! I totally support the The anti internet cap campaign (On twitter @Q8Capping – Blog) and my fellow bloggers campaign against the Caps. Here


QualityNet: Damaged internet cable has been fixed



QualityNet has just announed through twitter that the damaged internet cable has been fixed and the internet service is now back to normal again. That’s great new from QNet!

Follow them on Twitter for the latest news and offers. @QualityNetISP

technology and human manners


I guess you all know how technology has improved our way of living and saved our time , but sill some people don’t know how to handle it and mis-use it , and they lake the etiquette of having this technology .

Like when you go to the bank all dress up, you have waiting for your turn and by the time you set down the bank teller answers a customer on phone, how rude is that.  And when you go the co-op to get your thing and while you’re standing in line for the cashier, you don’t wanna hear the whole conversation of a woman talking to her mother about some cheese cake recipe, or another woman shouting at her kids at home to behave. I mean in public places keep your calls short this will save you a lot on your mobile bill next month .

Another mobile service that is so important. It’s the (waiting) ! ,, when you get in the middle of your conversation and you are about to make your point .. your friend on the other line simply picks the other call leaving you hanging  there!! By the time her gets to you .. you forgot what was it that your were talking about !.. personally I prefer not to have this service! Because some people just keeps on calling you if you had other line and annoy you till you answer them !

As for instant messaging,, I find people telling me you ignore us ,, your nose is up in the air ! but they have no idea that I might be having better things to do then waste my time chatting .

Finally I think that we should set a new rules of human manners to prevent the awkward situations and not to be take away by this huge inventions every day     

Connected world


The One Thing Internet Cant Ignoere


Review: Zain MiFi (Video Included)

Unboxing Zain MiFi

Unboxing Zain MiFi

As I mentioned before, We were given a Zain MiFi device to review in Blog37 (thanks to Zain’s marketing division). Honestly, the device was easy to install and configure, if you follow the included manual, which is so easy to follow by the way.

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