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@sheno_ya3ni new video: Socio Urbanzia

Most people deny the undeniable, ignoring the fact that many of us face those situations every single day. Thumbs up for the Sheno Ya3ni team for bringing those saddening situations to every one in a very funny way… Keep it up guys. By the way, I created a category in my blog under the name “6olai6ela” to cover “Sheno Ya3ni” videos.. Kaifi yaaakhi!! :p

A tip before you watch:

After all, your personal view about any “sheno ya3ni” video you watch will clearly show how you perceive things around you, and will definitely indicate your level of acceptance.. or denial – as most people do :) here’s a simple rule to follow: Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Below is “Sheno Ya3ni” latest video 

YouTube Link

New Zain TV commercials

The wedding

The construction site

The bear



Ok, I love cats ever since I was a little girl I used to raise them  ,, few days a go i checked this website looking for a Female Parisian cat but i notices an ad. of someone who is welling to give away cats for adoption , getting thrilled and so i Emailed him . with some questions in my mind and after i told him am willing to adopt a male and a female I got this as an answer!

 I am happy you are happy to take one male and one female. We just relocated to Cameroon where we are currently located due to our new job. so all you will have to afford to pay is the transportation fee to you which will cost you 150kd per cat making a total of 300kd. so if you are willing to pay this fee please get back to me with you full delivery information
Full names
house address
contact  numbers
closest airport
 i will need these information to use in registering the cats at the airport to be delivered to you. so you will have to send the money to the airport here before they transport the cats to you,so they can change the papers to your names and also book a flight for the cats tomorrow morning.

So much for adopting for free  ;p


Couldn’t stop laughing! This is an amazing IRON MAN Parody video done by Patrick Boivin, featurting his own kid… Enjoy!

IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Exclusive rare video: don’t get me wrong!


Thanks Abdulmohsen for the video

A must see: Ahmad Helmi interview

The Elephant Excuse

Student’s excuse


Teacher’s reply



Disney’s Princesses gone wild





Reese Witherspoon