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Blog37 is now “.com”


It’s been now almost two years and a half since I have started this blog, and I admit that I have faced a lot of ups and downs… But I came lately to realize that Blog37 is my spot.. my only spot on the net! So why not invest on it? So, I have decided to switch from a “.net” to a “.com” domain, which was taken by some Japanese website. I have waited so long for this, and actually, I had to pay much for the domain since it is a “premium domain” (Can’t figure out why!)

Anyway, The old URL ( is still fully functional when it comes to the main page or any old post URL you’re trying to access. The only problem I’m facing is with the RSS feed, which works perfectly on the new “.com” but not on the old “.net”. I’m still expecting some technical issues to come up, so if you face any issue with the blog please let me know.

I’ll update my feed on very soon.

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