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X-Men Family Tree

The X-Men Family

I am really confused!
Is this how X-Men are related, seriously?

Marvel: “The Avengers” – coming 2012

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted on my beloved blog. Anyway, I’m back with some interesting news… It’s been publicly announced that a set of amazing hollywood stars will be starring the new Marvel movie “The Avengers”. I used to play The Avengers on SEGA console in early 90′s, but seeing all my childhood heroes in one movie? just can’t wait!

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THE 99

Created by Dr. Nayif Al-Mutawa and being first published in 2006, I remember reading the 1st issue about some characters possessing super power… It was really interesting reading Kuwaiti originated comic books back then.

The 99 are ordinary teenagers and adults from across the globe, who come into possession of one of the 99 mystical Noor Stones (Ahjar Al Noor, Stones of Light) and find themselves empowered in a specific manner. All dilemmas faced by The 99 will be overcome through the combined powers of three or more members. Through this, The 99 series aims to promote values such as cooperation and unity throughout the Islamic world. Although the series is not religious, it aims to communicate Islamic virtues which are, as viewed by Dr. Al-Mutawa, universal in nature. WikiPedia

In April 27th – few days ago-, The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship held in the White House, president Barack Obama made a special mention on THE 99 and Dr. Nayif Al.Mutawa as one of the most impressive cultural entrepreneurs of our times.

Very proud of you Dr. Nayif :)

Below is a video of Mr. Barack Obama’s shout-out to THE 99

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