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مجلس الوزراء يقر مرسوم ضرورة لقانون

تعزيز الوضع الاقتصادي

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It took them long time to take this step! as I know this will help all the banks to give more loans out to circulate the huge amount of cash they have now and cant even pay it’s interest by the end of 2009. so we may expect a new large volume wave on the banks with their undervalued prices it’ll sure jump back up.. and again im mentioning the banking sector only. since most of the companies which are not under the supervision of the CBK will not benefit from it unless it accepts all the restrictions that the Central bank and “dewan elmo7asiba” will impose on them.


مصدر حكومي: قانون تعزيز الاستقرار الاقتصادي لا يتضمن تعديلات “الشعبي”