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Magic Cube: Laser Keyboard

Yes, it’s here in K-town and I found it yesterday in iCity showroom for KD 55. So sharp and accurate, easy to install, small in size and is light weight! I gave it a try on MacBook Pro & iPad and it works perfectly on both. Btw, it should work on any device that has a keyboard and supports bluetooth connectivity or has a USB slot. Oh yeah, and a 1 year warranty from B2B.

Again.. available at iCity in three colors (White, Silver, and in Red) for 55 KD


I’ve posted last month on iBluetooth app that it reached the final stages. The app got released few days ago but from a different developer not the same group of ibluetoothproject. I didn’t try the app yet but I’ll post a screenshot once I try it.

Price is around 3 euros.

you can find the application on cydia under iSpazio repo.

I’d prefer to wait for the iPhone 3.0 preview on the 17th of march, they might include the bluetooth file-transfer feature with the new firmware.


iBluetooth.. Bluetooth File-Transfer for iPhone


A New Status Update about iBluetooth, the application that will allow the file transfer through the iPhone Bluetooth. Actually, the application is in beta testing. iSpazio got it, and Medevil is fixing some of the bugs we found. When ALL (or, the most important) bugs will be fixed, the app will be released through the iSpazio Repository in Cydia