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What to wear? How to wear?

A new blog rocks K-Town in a fashionable way, Gris Agency blog. The guys over there definitely have a mission fixing the fashion crisis Kuwait is going through :P

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.

Jump to Gris Agency

Dear Bloggers, the WAR is ON!

I have just got a confirmation from an “insider” that a local company socialmedia/online team have decided NOT to:

  • Follow Blog37 on twitter
  • Send me their latest news and offers
  • Invite me to their events
Because.. well well well.. because of the posts below :)
I don’t have much followers on twitter and it shows in the right column on the blog, I may not have much daily visits or many comments on every post I publish… But I’m so certain that these posts have hit their target… as an old saying that states “اللي على راسه بطحه يتحسس عليها“.
Fellow bloggers, the war is now ON.. are we up to it? Are we to FORCE these companies to change their terms and conditions from “puppeteering” our blogs to “reserving an Ad spot” ? It’s your choice.


Discuss: Social puppets and the Blue Book

I was discussing this topic the other day with a friend.. and the issue keeps poppin’ up again with local companies tying bloggers with contracts and actually asking them not to post or tweet about any other competitor, even it was a personal opinion. Well, if this is how things are going then we should take an action to counter attack what Corp-heads are doing, am I right?

Dear Corp-Heads,

turning the blog-o-sphere into a “sponsored” puppet show won’t work.. and these are some basic rules that I wish if my fellow bloggers would follow to teach Corp-heads some manners:

  1. No more sponsorship contracts.
  2. You’re welcome -as a company- to “rent” an advertising space on my blog.
  3. You -as a company- have no right to tell me what to write and what not to write on my blog.
  4. You -as a company- can take out your Ad’s at anytime if you do not like what I post about.
  5. I, as a blogger, can write about and criticize the advertising company services and products.
  6. I, as a blogger, by the rules of the Kuwaiti constitution, have the full right to post about whatever I want, and to go whatever event.
Dear Fellow bloggers,
I would really appreciate it if you add your input to the above and spread the word to other bloggers. Call it a bloggers “blue book”! having some rules that we agree to won’t harm, but would help. let’s unite to keep our blog-o-sphere “clean”. 

Waiting for your input :)

Say hello to “Baby His”! (a.k.a Mishari)

Our dear friends His & Hers are now -officially- parents! Welcome to our world Baby His“, also known as “Mishari“. Mabrook ellaafi o yetrabba eb 3ezkom Inshalla. We’re waiting for “Baby His” first post.. wait a sec.. I’m trying to imagine what that post title would be.. “Go go ga ga aggghhh” ? lol

Again.. mabrookeen wenshalla enshoof “Baby His” blogging with you guys :)

I want SOMEcontrast Back!

It’s been almost 11 months since their announcement about stopping the blog. SOMEcontrast, was, and will always be, one of the best blogs I enjoy reading. every now and then I visit SC to go through their reviews, topics, visits.. even the rant posts! Meshari and Yousef, I DEMAND THAT YOU GET SOMEcontrast UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!

People, show them some love and write a comment asking them to get back

I’ll deliver your comments to them, personally.. PRINTED!

MaskTales Creepy story competition

Do you have a creepy story to share? Our dear fellow blogger iMaGiNaTiOn is holding a competition for creepy stories on his blog. Click here for the competition details

My passion is not for sale…

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Ok, as many other bloggers, every now and then I get sponsorship proposals from different companies in different fields. But every time, its the contract terms and conditions that stop me from signing.. I wouldn’t mind a sponsorship, but no power on earth.. I repeat.. ON EARTH, can tell me what to write or what not to write!

Blogging, has never been a trade or a wrestling arena for companies to fight over! Blogging is a passion! my blog is MY personal spot, that I use to say whatever I want to say. Unfortunately, some fellow bloggers deviated from that path, accepting directions and getting involved in commercial wars between local titans! (i.e: Companies). Can you imagine a blogger being asked to remove a post because it talks about the “Sponsor competitors”? Or a blogger, being forced not to attend an event held by a competitor? What is this? Exclusivity mathalan?!! By the way, these incidents are real, I’m not making things up!

My blog, has never been, and is not, and will never become a “Commercial Slave”! You, as a blogger, should realize the fact that your blog should represent you, and only you! NO one on earth, should direct what you should or shouldn’t write! I have made my choice earlier, and the question remains, fellow blogger! ..


What is your choice?

Become a commercial slave? Or fight for your “blog” freedom?

Happy social media day!


Celebrating the social media day with more than 30 Kuwaiti bloggers in the same room! this is interesting, a gathering that would have never been without Q8Stig, His, and Omarker.

Now sitting in the same table with: Botamba (blog aggregator), Kumail+, Landeni, BlogLaish, HiKuwait, and me as Blog37. Will update you with pictures and more news, as well as the outcome of this great gathering.

New blog: Chapter Q8


A new blog in K-Town! ChapterQ8 is the blog of three friends talking about miscellaneous interesting topics. Let’s give them out support!

Click HERE to visit Chapter Q8

Top 100 Blogs in Kuwait

Our dear friend Danderma made an Alexa based list of the top 100 blogs in Kuwait. The list includes lots of blogs that I daily read and follow, so it makes sense to (personally). But, since Alexa may be overrated, she has also added a disclaimer to the post; Read it below

A Desclaimer: I believe the Alexa rank is way overrated and is not a real measure of how a blog is popular but it doesn’t hurt to check it every once in a while. Also, if you know of a blog I missed please let me know :)

According to that list, my blog came in the 50th place (Good enough for me! as I was lazy in the past 2 year)..

Top 10, BE CAREFUL! I’m gonna Getchyaaaaa

Read Danderma’s post HERE