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Hala Kuwait.. Hala walla!

Well well well.. It might be a blog aggregator? but no.. It’s not! Posts are copied and pasted right away!

I knew about this “Hala Kuwait” blog yesterday when Dudette from posted about them, so I went to take a look at this “rippo-boy” blog! I figured out a quick way to find where posts were copied from, just click on any image in any post and then click on “View Image”. The image will view in a new browser tab, and take a look at the URL… ripped posts were taken from meenakon, Z District, Q8Path, 7ajidude, BlogLaish, Kuwaitiful, BuzzFairy, Froyonation… and much more!

How am I so sure about content being ripped, and not RSS’ed!?

I double checked the HTML page source of every post ripped by Hala Kuwait and compared it with the source post, let me put it in a clearer way… every HTML code is like a unique DNA combination that cannot be so much similar in such a way, unless it was COPIED.. and then PASTED. RSS feeding does not copy font size and color features (Technically called CSS – cascading style sheet- attributes).. It is so clear for the eye that these posts were manually copied and pasted.. to clearly understand what I’m talking about check out this post that was ripped By Hala Kuwait from Z District, and focus on the font type, size, and color.. then compare it to the font in other post on Hala Kuwait.. this can never, I mean NEVER, happen unless it was manually copied!

WELL!! This Hala Kuwait blog was either suspended by Google, or removed by the owner while I was writing this post..

Quit… ?


I don’t really know what to say.. just started a post with an intention to quit blogging… but I realized that quitting means leaving my blog, my passion, and even myself.. all behind. Is this what I really want? I don’t know! this blog is the only place where I have been the “real me”… 

I have been expecting long time a go, a day will come and I’ll leave everything behind… I’ve been really busy with work, personal projects and other things that kept pushing me away from blogging… don’t know whether to keep going as I used to, or just let go! I’m lost!!

Help.. !

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Testing too!!

Testing english…

و نجرب العربي! زقرت و الله!


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