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HBD Nasser


I hope you like the Birthday card i made for you , Careless Whisper

Amal: A new Blog37 Blogger

A new member joins the Blog37 Team; Amal, is a funny young professional with a lot of things to say and share with you… and for us, it’s time for a feminin-touch to join our blog…

Amal Likes: Music, Movies, Books, Shopping, Gossips…
Amal Dislikes: Negative people.. woh!

Welcome aboard Amal :)

Question of the week

Well, we’re going to start something new here in Blog37. Every Sunday, we will post a question for our valued readers to answer. Mostly a riddle.. or maybe just any question!

This week’s question is:

Why does Hamad post pics… and only pics?

I’ll make sure to provide valuable prizes for the winners in the future… in case we get sponsored! *Naqza*.
Comeon  people, post your answers in the comments. New look!

So, what do you think?

I used a new WordPress theme called “Mystique”, with some personal touches :P Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks :)

Nasser BBM group.. No more?

I think some of you people have wondered why did we remove the group barcode. Well, we removed it for a simple, but an annoying reason! SPAM! we got these wierd adds, requests, floods, people were trying those barcodes “3ala afaana”… etc! On the other hand, there were those amazing members in the group talking and chatting all the time.

So, here it is… we are not closing the channel, but we’re limiting access to it.

Feel free to add me to you BBM if you’re willing to join the channel, and I’ll do the rest :)
*Don’t even think about adding me if you’re a broadcast freak!!*

PIN: 26284F31

Nasser BBM Group :-)

We have created a group on BBM for… All you gotta do is to grab your BlackBerry and choose “Scan a group Barcode” to join us! We’ll be waiting for you :)