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It’s time to move on..

I have two announcements to make: the first, is that I have joined the wonderful team of blog to start a new co-blogging experience with two new bloggers, Ahmed & Hussain. The second, is that I will not abandon blog37, it will remain as is.. alive, but I’ll be mainly focusing on posting fresh content on KTowning.

On behalf of the KTowning team, I’m giving you a promise that this new blog will introduce a new concept of blogging in Kuwait.. just wait for it :)

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English vs. Arabic

 It’s the time where you guys decide what language to use for posting on my blog. Honestly speaking, sometimes I have a hard time choosing the right wording for what I post, “Bas amashi el7aal”. I had the idea of this post in mind for some time because I couldn’t come to a decision by myself. So, I would really appreciate answering the poll below.


In which language do you want me to post?

  • English (59%, 10 Votes)
  • Arabic (41%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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Quit… ?


I don’t really know what to say.. just started a post with an intention to quit blogging… but I realized that quitting means leaving my blog, my passion, and even myself.. all behind. Is this what I really want? I don’t know! this blog is the only place where I have been the “real me”… 

I have been expecting long time a go, a day will come and I’ll leave everything behind… I’ve been really busy with work, personal projects and other things that kept pushing me away from blogging… don’t know whether to keep going as I used to, or just let go! I’m lost!!

Help.. !

Two weeks later…

The two weeks were so hectic to the extent that I could even post about anything. Where do I start? 


The little brave boy you have already read about.. bloggers, including me, were so busy looking for a sponsorship for the little man’s surgery.. I loved how energized and organized we were, and thanks to Allah, he was sponsored anonymously. I’d give the greatest gratitude to my sisters: Q8Rain & Iyaa (for being proactive to organize the giving initiative), Dudette from 7ajidude (For posting about Abdulkareem and the kids at NBK hospital), and Danderma (for taking the action to alert almost all bloggers about Abdulkareem’s story). Girls, We’re so proud of you.. I’m so proud of all my fellow bloggers… Thanks to Dr.Sajed Al.Abdali (@DrSajed) and Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain) for retweeting my post about Abdulkareem.

BlackBerry outage…

As some of you may know, I work in a telecom company, and being part of a team that confronts complaints and works them out as well as measuring social trends and alerting concerned departments & divisions. I won’t be giving details about the nature of my work, but you can never imagine how an outage of simple service like BlackBerry messaging  could generate such rage!

My Project…

Something big is in the making.. been working on this project since before Ramadan. This project, will be my one and only masterpiece, and let’s hope that it works as planned.. wish me luck!

What people search for on blog37!!!

Well, I got a reputation with KFC posting about them several times.. and this shows in the search terms. But, searching for “a naked Kuwaiti guy” !? THIS IS NEW!



Blog37 is BACK

Suddenly, Blog37 went into an unexpected suspension by the host, for “high usage” as they have claimed. I had a very hard time trying to contact the host to – at least- get my blog files, which they’ve provided me with after 2 days! blog is now restored, but as you already know, I have two domains for the blog ( and .net). The “.net” is now fully functional, and now waiting for the “.com” to be transferred to my new host. This might take few days, meanwhile you’ll notice some broken images and links.

My fellow bloggers and supporters, Thank you for asking about this sudden disappearance, and for the support as well;
Moody’n'Cheeky, Q8Path, Kuwaitiful, Q8Rain, Omarker, His&Hers, 7ajidude, Halloum, Abo flan, ChapterQ8, BlogLaish, Qortuba, and Mr. Khalid Al.Zanki

Blog37 is now “.com”


It’s been now almost two years and a half since I have started this blog, and I admit that I have faced a lot of ups and downs… But I came lately to realize that Blog37 is my spot.. my only spot on the net! So why not invest on it? So, I have decided to switch from a “.net” to a “.com” domain, which was taken by some Japanese website. I have waited so long for this, and actually, I had to pay much for the domain since it is a “premium domain” (Can’t figure out why!)

Anyway, The old URL ( is still fully functional when it comes to the main page or any old post URL you’re trying to access. The only problem I’m facing is with the RSS feed, which works perfectly on the new “.com” but not on the old “.net”. I’m still expecting some technical issues to come up, so if you face any issue with the blog please let me know.

I’ll update my feed on very soon.

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Blog37 in a new Shape :)


This could be the 4th or 5th time I change the theme of the blog! but this time is how I like it and how I have always wanted it to be! A combination of 2 grades of gray color with black and white, spiced with “lime green”. I’d love to know what you think about the new look, colors, logo..etc.

This theme credit goes to MonoLab (credits at footer) who created the theme, originally. But after all, I have changed it to match the colors and looks I had in mind.. I might also be doing some changes here and there!

Special thanks to Amal, my partner, for reviewing the work and giving her valuable comments and suggestions :D


Tell me what you think about the theme.. hit the comments link on the left ;)

Theme change.. ? again?


Every time I change theme I keep it for a short time and then start looking for an alternative… I don’t really get myself when it comes to themes! I feel like changing it every now and then.

So, what do you suggest? totally new theme? do you have any color in mind for us? 3a6oona raykom


3o’obal 37,000 yrs :D