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It’s time to move on..

I have two announcements to make: the first, is that I have joined the wonderful team of blog to start a new co-blogging experience with two new bloggers, Ahmed & Hussain. The second, is that I will not abandon blog37, it will remain as is.. alive, but I’ll be mainly focusing on posting fresh content on KTowning.

On behalf of the KTowning team, I’m giving you a promise that this new blog will introduce a new concept of blogging in Kuwait.. just wait for it :)

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Dear Bloggers, the WAR is ON!

I have just got a confirmation from an “insider” that a local company socialmedia/online team have decided NOT to:

  • Follow Blog37 on twitter
  • Send me their latest news and offers
  • Invite me to their events
Because.. well well well.. because of the posts below :)
I don’t have much followers on twitter and it shows in the right column on the blog, I may not have much daily visits or many comments on every post I publish… But I’m so certain that these posts have hit their target… as an old saying that states “اللي على راسه بطحه يتحسس عليها“.
Fellow bloggers, the war is now ON.. are we up to it? Are we to FORCE these companies to change their terms and conditions from “puppeteering” our blogs to “reserving an Ad spot” ? It’s your choice. – My Development blog

Since I’m really into web development, and been working on web building since 1996 (When I created my 1st website), I have created this new blog to talk about web and mobile apps creation and development tools and techniques. I have posted an article there already… I’ll be more than happy to read your notes, comments, and thoughts out there :)

Note: This blog (Blog37) will remain alive and I’ll keep on posting as usual, I just wanted to keep my development articles separated because.. you know.. some of my regular reader may not be interested in reading about tech stuff or programming How-To’s!

Blog name: iMutawa