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فيديو: الهوشات وصلت المساجد


حتى المساجد لم تسلم من الهوشات… و لا عزاء لحرمتها


[Photo] US DoD’s video of Bin Laden.. is also FAKE! #OBL #BinLadin #BinLaden



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In a previous post, we have posted a video released yesterday by the US Department of Defense and was broadcasted on CNN. A shocking fact was published today on showing an image comparing “ear prints” of Bin Ladin and the guy showing in the video! Ears are unique as fingerprints, this has been scientifically proven, let’s see how the DoD can deny this!



Add to that, the man in the video released yesterday was holding the remote in is right hand, while FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” page says that Bin Ladin is “left handed” !




[Video] A new Bin Laden video



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[Video] Obama is dead! #obama

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[UPDATE][18+] Bin Laden’s photo.. is FAKE! #binladen #binladin

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[Photo][18+] Photo of Bin Laden, Dead

This is a photo that has been going allover the net of Bin Laden, after announcing his death by US government.



Update: More details here