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My experience with NBK

It’s been three years since I have opened my 1st account in NBK. I used to have my salary, savings..etc, with another two banks, and the 1st reason that encouraged me to move to NBK was that their branch locations; one in the head office of my work place, and another one in Qortuba, where I live.

I have never faced any problems with NBK, even though I don’t do much transactions ,but I remember a while ago when I lost my wallet. The reaction of the Hala Watani employee I talked to was so great, and I can never explain how compassionate he was! He also guided me on what to do and what actions should I take in regards to my civil ID, after he canceled my ATM & Credit cards and requested new ones for me.

Now moving to the online service, simplicity speaks! easily managed to do my tasks without any help, guidance, or what so ever. but a little more “branding” won’t harm :) ;i.e, Replace texts with graphics, icons.. maybe?

That was a quick note on how I am satisfied with NBK

NBK, I <3 U ! :)

Only in Kuwait

الأول من نوعه في الكويت
حكم ببطلان الفوائد وفقاً للشريعة الإسلامية!
في اول حكم من نوعه تصدره المحاكم الكويتية، اصدرت الدائرة التجارية المدنية برئاسة المستشار خالد العثمان حكما يقضي بعدم احقية البنك في تقاضي الفوائد المتفق عليها بعقد القرض بحجة {تجريم الفوائد الربوية على القرض وفقا للشريعة الاسلامية، وما نص عليه الدستور الكويتي من ان دين الدولة الاسلام، وان الشريعة الاسلامية مصدر رئيسي للتشريع، وكل من القرآن الكريم والسنة النبوية المطهرة}.
They should shutdown all the banks including the Central bank cause they are all built on the same system! this will be overruled soon.. but for sure it’ll cause some bad consequences especially with bu ramya

Credit Card Payments

ATM robbery in Kuwait


thanks Hamad