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Elevation Burger: Ingredients matter!

Let’s face it, we’re all used to “Junk food”..

But this time, it is totally different! here comes a fast food restaurant that is totally healthy. “Elevation Burger” is setting a new definition of “Burgers” in Kuwait, I mean it! I have ordered the “Elevation Burger” (double meat) with “Ketchup”, “Elevation sauce”, and “Raw onions” toppings, large Coke, and fries. The taste, softness of the meat, freshness of the bread and fries have all summed up to give a great last feeling after finishing my meal; I didn’t feel full!

Literally, my first bite impression was “Damn! it’s really good!”, the thing that I have said infront of our friends in blog (It was really nice seeing you there guys!). The seating area was nifty and clean, the atmosphere was quite, and friendliness of the staff was amazing :)

Bottom line, I’ll sum it up in few words.. “Elevation Burger” have proven that “Ingredients matter” through the “Elevated experience” I’ve had there. Wishing all the best to the wonderful guys & girls out there :) Special thanks to Mr. Hussain Ashkanani for answering all my annoying questions, Mr. Aziz Alturaiji, and our dear friend Talal Al.Othman for the invitation. :)

The restaurant will open soon (within two weeks hopefully) and is located in Phase II, Avenues mall. Highly recommended

Taxi crash in Avenues mall

A taxi crashed in one of the basement parking doors in Aavenues mall. What was he thinking? click on the photo to enlarge.


Thanks Fahad & Hamad