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Dear Ministry of Interior

Here’s a fact… our dear Ministry of Interior still lives in the age of Windows 95, or maybe Windows 98 if I want to be fair! The website payment services have not been updated since 2006! and most probably still using windows servers, which are known for their instability and unlimited number of bugs! here’s my story..

All I wanted is to renew my car’s certificate, so I renewed my car’s insurance and asked the insurance company employee if I had any “violations”.. and guess what! I had one with 15 KD!! I kept thinking all the way back home about what this violation could be.. “or you know what? I’ll pay it online directly just to get things quickly done”.

I’m back home and got online to the Ministry of Interior website, I went to the payments page.. a browser alert pops up telling me that I should use “Microsoft Internet Explorer” !!! But since I’m a web developer I viewed the source code of this page and guess what I have found.. the code was written back in 2006 and never updated since then! how smart!! MOI’s website DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PAY UNLESS YOU ARE USING A WINDOWS PC AND IE BROWSER IN SPECIFIC! screen shots below:

Payment Screen


Code written in 2006!!


Let’s face it.. I could not pay.. so I found another link on the website to inquire about my violations, so I did… and guess what my violation was..


My violation..



Shut up and pay the 15 KD for my Unlicensed Procession.. Thank you MOI!