Dear X-Cite.. seriously??

Let’s face it.. everyone of us is somehow addicted to a specific category when it comes to shopping regardless of the pricing of the item in mind, But the incredibly “crazy prices” at some electronics stores would really make you consider comparing prices (knowing that they’re not posted somewhere online, you’ll have to stop by every store you may know).. or maybe just forgetting about buying what you’ve been looking for!

In my case.. it’s the Apple Thunderbolt display 27″

Because I multi-task most of the time, it is impossible for me to work with one screen; I work on 2 browsers, Code editor (Multi window; for PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML), phpMyAdmin (MySQL management), and a debugger… all at once! so here comes the need of getting an extra display for my 27″ iMac. I’ll compare the local prices with the original Apple store price:

Apple Thunderbolt 
display 27″

Apple store (online) iCity X-Cite Alghanim
Price $999 = KD 276 KD 365 KD 319

KD 498
KD 399 (discounted) 

Have you noticed X-Cite’s pricing? the announced price is KD 498!! Seriously?? This is what exactly happened with me when I went to Alrai showroom and found the display I was looking for, actually couldn’t believe the numbers I was reading on the price tag! KD 498?? Is it gold plated or what!? So I called the salesman who confirmed the price to me, and started calculating the “discounted price”.. “Sir, it’ll be 400 KD after discount” he said.. “400 sharp?” I asked.. “naah, 399 KD something” he replied… woohoo! I feel much better now with the great discount!!!

That got me to think about the profit margin of every single item they sell; if Blink is selling the display for KD 319 with at least KD 30 profit, then X-Cite is making almost KD 110 profit for the same display, which is almost PLUS 40% profit margin if compared to the original Apple store price! And the same goes for iCity with a – sometimes- smaller margin

one word.. greedy!

The Avenues Phase III tour

I was invited last Saturday with some of my fellow bloggers to have a walkthrough in the Avenues Mall phase III…and I gotta say this, this is big and is really awesome! This will turn the concept of local tourism upside-down and will definitely attract visitors to come and shop in Kuwait… and this is only “Phase III” :)

As we’ve been informed by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati (PR & Marketing manager) that phase III will match in size both Phases I & II, will have 400 different stores, 5000 car parkings.. and the most interesting part was that “Phases IV & V” will follow! A soft opening is expected in mid Sept 2012… can’t wait to check it out again.

So, let’s begin our tour :)

Here is where we’ve been briefed about the current and upcoming expansions by Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati:

Moving to the Grand Avenue, which is a long walk like “Solidere” with palms and stores on both sides, somehow it also reminded of Dubai’s walk aka “The Walk”.

After taking a walk in the grand avenue, we turned right to go to the “Prestige area”, this is where you guys are – willingly- going to surrender to the shopping desires of your wives *bankrupt alert* :p

Getting back to the Grand avenue and taking the other side, to reach to “SoKu; South of Kuwait” which will be “the youth area” to include lots of cafes and some brand names favored by the youth.

“Souk”… my favorite :) giving the sense of “Souk Almubarakiya”.. a Job well done by The Avenues combining the cultural essence into modern architecture. You can see the old styled ceilings (Chandal wela Danchal? :P )

The Mall.. and the Bazaar below, including lots of cafes, restaurants, stores, and a huge fountain that will take water up’n'down between both the Mall and the Bazaar.. bleeh, I don’t know how to describe this! it’s just amazing!

I’ll call this area “The Semi-Outdoor”. Remember where Café Blanc used to be? It will re-open again in along with more and more restaurants and cafes. But guess what, the whole area will be covered and air-conditioned.. sweeeet :twisted:

A one of a kind walkthrough, witnessing an upcoming “icon” that will shine soon gave me the feeling that Kuwait will rise-up again to be “Durrat elkhaleej”. Special thanks to Mr. Rashid Al.Haroun, Mr. Abdullah Al.Baddah, Ms. Alia Al.Ghunaim, & Ms. Shoa’a Al.Qati for a wonderful day that gave me hope of a better Kuwait and a brighter “Cultural & Economical” future.

Here’s the video that has been displayed during the brief

It’s been 7 years…


I’m not the talkative type of a person, I’ve always preferred being quite about whatever I may go through.. But I think I have to speak up this time. it’s about a secret that I’ve been carrying for almost seven years now, and I’m still not telling what it is in detail… The thing is that what I’m about to share is somehow the lesson I have learned throughout the past seven years.

I have to confess that I have learned emotional self-control the hard way, and there’s been this really big problem that I had to overcome to be able to live normally. Being hurt by someone close to the extent that you might be physically affected, is hurtful.. way beyond imagination. You won’t really understand how it feels until you experience it personally. I was finally able to get over this problem because of something that has happened few days ago… 

Last Thursday, I woke up to find a facebook message from a person that I thought I would never hear from.. again! I had to reply.. I had to ask why.. I had to know why now.. And I finally got the answers I’ve been seeking all those years! Even though the answers (or the reasons) I got didn’t justify what happened back then, I admit that I – somehow- felt comfortable..

It’s weird… seven years, never missed a day thinking about or trying to know the reasons behind what happened in that specific day.. and finally, getting to know EVERYTHING within 10 minutes over facebook messages! seriously!? The most important word that I have really been waiting for was “Sorry”.. and I finally got to have what I’ve waited for seven years.

The lesson I’ve learned.. no matter how long it takes, a day will come at the end where you realize that you’ve been right about something.. never seek an answer, because answers will come to you sooner or later as long as you believe in yourself.

And yeah, one more lesson.. Karma is a b**** :)

Thank you @TheDietCare !

First of all, happy national holidays everyone! 

I hate it when I have this seasonal flu… sore throat, clogged ears.. can you believe that my nose actually “whistles” when I catch cold? Anyway.. The door bell rang yesterday while I was napping, and I heard the maid talking to the delivery guy who was saying it’s a gift from diet care. So, I decided to check on this gift when I wake up.

I woke up nearly after two hours, went downstairs to get the gift.. and guess what? this is how it was when I got there…


“3alekom bel3afya” was my immediate reaction… But I didn’t really know how would I blog about this! but I did after all… “it was” the national days healthy snacks basket, and I was lucky enough to have two of those sandwiches.. apparently I missed a lot…Thank you Diet Care for the wonderful gift :)

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is out


Just few hours ago, RIM has officially announced the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. As news confirmed before, the new OS provides an integrated email client with a unified inbox, integrates your social accounts with calendars and contacts, updated BlackBerry Bridge, and now it supports a range of “Android apps”!

More details are on BlackBerry blog.

Blog suspension was suspended for some reason, and by looking at my experience of dealing with web hosts I have thought that this will be a very long week… but you know what? this will be a positive post after all…

I logged to the admin panel trying to identify the suspension reasons, at the beginning I thought it was something related to financials since my host offers everything unlimited… “literally unlimited***”. Everything was fine, all amounts paid, all domains automatically and manually renewed. (*** having an unlimited account does not give you the right to abuse it.. be wise)

After a short chat with the customer care representative who offered me 4 options to solve my issue, I decided to contact the “Terms of Service” team via email… and guess what! I could swear that the maximum response time from this host was 10 minutes… replies were confident and straight to the point. The blog is now back, and I would really like to thank my host ( for this excellent service.. you have a loyal customer who’s not moving to any other host! :)

Fastdomain website

No comment.. Nabeel Alfadhel!!

Seriously.. no comment :) Ya bakhat eli sawetolek feek :)

YouTube link

Zain Kuwait Flashmob

The last two weeks were so interesting, waiting for the official falshmob video to be released by Zain. Being in the Avenues mall when it first happened gave me the chance to take a full video, which by the way reached the top 10 trending videos on YouTube and passed 533,000 views (up to the date of this post).

That actually reminds me of what @KhalidAlzanki always says: “Content is King, Marketing is the Queen“, the content was unique (not the idea of the flashmob itself, but being the 1st in Kuwait is unique!), and the way it was marketed and pushed through social media made those tremendous statistics.

I’ll leave you to watch the two versions, the one I shot, and the official one released by Zain. Enjoy! :)

My version:

Official release from Zain

My Childhood favorite cartoons

I remember how I used to count the minutes and get everything prepared and set in front of the TV before any show starts… damn I hate getting older.






The Centurions

Bionic Six

Will “Mobily” become the 4th telecom operator in Kuwait?


You may have read it allover the news, but it is NOT TRUE. Then what’s the deal? The deal is that MOC (Ministry of communications) have signed a contract with SA Mobily operator (Subsidiary of the UAE Etisalat) and to be linked via “cable”… providing a closer, and more reliable international services carrier other than those in Dubai carrying Kuwait’s international communications.

I’m sorry folks, so the answer to the post title is NO :)