What a reputation!

I found this in an iphone application called “travelTo: Kuwait city” in iPhone’s AppStore… Kuwaitis are reckless drivers! lol i do agree to some extent… :)

Zain Create TVC’s – HILARIOUS!!

LOL ! Whats wrong with this picture eh? :P


ATM robbery in Kuwait


thanks Hamad

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Mazaj elyoum..

Mist delays my flight

Good morning, i was supposed to fly on BA to London at 8:15am, but here comes our beautiful freaky weather again to delay my flight… An6er.. Ma warana shay!

Downgrade from iPhone OS 3.0 to 2.2.1

Yesterday, I tried installing OS 3.0 on my iPhone which was done successfully, but the thing is that I got that stupid “NO SIGNAL” error after using QuickPWN to JailBreak it.

I kept on searching for a way to restore back 2.2.1 and I found this video on YouTube.

 it works!

Enjoy downgrading!

How the Stock Market Really Works



الدكتورة أسيل العوضي تعلن خوضها انتخابات 2009



ملك ملوك افريقيا وامام المسلمين


whats wrong with this guy?