Saw 6 movie trailer

In the last few years, I’ve been really addicted to this “kinda” disturbing film series. SAW 6 will be released next Halloween; October 23, 2009. (in US)

guys, don’t take me as a freak! but this movie does really show how a human being would react fighting for his/her own survival.

Take a look at the trailer:



Don’t mess with this guy!

Ever seen a Jew praying?

It is well known to eveyone around the globe about how Muslims do pray, but have you ever wondered about how Jews do? I was totally shocked when I saw that video on YouTube, showing the similarities – YES! similarities – between Muslim and Jew prayers.

Check the video when time comes to 1:20 !!

Zain’s roumered surprise is now a FACT

Apparantly, the lately Zain’s roumered big hit surprise has turned into a fact after releasing the new e-GO 21.6 mbps. I saw the Ad in alwatan newspaper today (1st page), and it says you can subscribe at Zain’s branches, meaning it’s out there for sale! Go grab your device now!



Zain’s branches: [click here]

External battery and a dual sim adapter for the iPhone


“If you’re a high-flying type rocking two contracts and, ultimately, two SIM cards, the new 3-in-1 External Battery over at USBFever could save you a lot of hot-swapping — assuming at least one of those SIM cards is currently in an iPhone 3G or 3GS.” Engadget

good news for the iPhone users, most of the gadgets companies are concentrating on the iphone these days.

I’ve posted few months ago for a similar external battery gadget since the iPhone sucks up the battery within few hrs I’d recommend buying Mophie’s Air for iPhone 3G



never ever eat it for sohoor! dagga!

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac LEAKED

Picture 1

Finally, now you can sync all your apps, contacts and media with your blackberry device. I’ve just tried the app and synced everything smoothly, this is a must have app for all mac users.



Zain’s 21.6 mbps is AWESOME!


I just got my new Zain eGO 21.6 mbps from a friend to test and review! AWESOME! what else can I say? The installation was extremely fast and took less than a minute to setup both the device and the dashboard software.

I told my friend that I’m going really wild with my testing criteria, his reaction was simply like this: “Heh.. Go ahead :) ”. I really took this as a challange and started YouTube streaming (opened 8 streams simultaneously) and the results were amazing! YouTube videos were running smoothly like nothing is happening without any interruptions… the e-GO itself was holding to an average of 2.4 MBPS during that YouTube “FLOOD”! (a max of 3.6 MBPS).

Checkout the image below!


And by the way! I got to keep the device for myself!

Thank you Zain;*

Zain’s mobile connect

zain_logoZain (formerly MTC) has laucnhed a new set of its mobile Internet packages at new rates and pricing.

The new “Mobile Connect” packages come in two categories, the first named as Mobile connect, gives you 500 MBs of download at a speed of 600 Kbps with the rate of 7 KD/Mo. The second package, Mobile connect +, gives a download limit of 1 GB at a speed of  (upto) 7.2 Mbps (if supported by the mobile device) with the rate of 14 KD/Mo.

Note that every additional MB will cost you 30 fils/MB. You can find details about these new packages in Zain kw website (here).

Please refer to post on “exclusive iPhone offers for Zain customers“, as the packages mentioned above are being bundled with iPhone 3Gs devices provided by EuroTelecom.

Bravo Zain! :)


Ultrasonic stain remover


I read about the Black & Decker ultrasonic stain remover (sold at Amazon for $9.9) in This gadget is known by the name “Tide Buzz”, referring to the famous “Tide” detergent.

“The Ultrasonic Stain Remover is safe for virtually all fabrics. It can take care of tea, coffee, grease, motor oil, blood, ink, grass, wine, butter, gravy, lipstick, make up, curry, and clay stains. I think that just about covers it- sounds like a typical load of laundry for me.” - as mentioned in the source site [ - Tide Buzz]

This gadget is really cool, and might come in handy when you never expect it to be! you can useit to quickly remove tea, coffee, sweets, ink stains… etc. and it will approximately cost you what? 3 KD? Ya balaash :)