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I have started a tutorial series on my dev blog ( talking about the basics of web development, starting with HTML. Jump to iMutawa and start following this new series. Drop a comment there in case you had any questions :) Good luck

BlackBerry Bold 9900 at X-Cite

Dear Ministry of Interior

Here’s a fact… our dear Ministry of Interior still lives in the age of Windows 95, or maybe Windows 98 if I want to be fair! The website payment services have not been updated since 2006! and most probably still using windows servers, which are known for their instability and unlimited number of bugs! here’s my story..

All I wanted is to renew my car’s certificate, so I renewed my car’s insurance and asked the insurance company employee if I had any “violations”.. and guess what! I had one with 15 KD!! I kept thinking all the way back home about what this violation could be.. “or you know what? I’ll pay it online directly just to get things quickly done”.

I’m back home and got online to the Ministry of Interior website, I went to the payments page.. a browser alert pops up telling me that I should use “Microsoft Internet Explorer” !!! But since I’m a web developer I viewed the source code of this page and guess what I have found.. the code was written back in 2006 and never updated since then! how smart!! MOI’s website DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PAY UNLESS YOU ARE USING A WINDOWS PC AND IE BROWSER IN SPECIFIC! screen shots below:

Payment Screen


Code written in 2006!!


Let’s face it.. I could not pay.. so I found another link on the website to inquire about my violations, so I did… and guess what my violation was..


My violation..



Shut up and pay the 15 KD for my Unlicensed Procession.. Thank you MOI!

Social media.. Bribery!

It is out there, believe it or not.. and yes.. in Kuwait! 

Social media is now trending as almost every company in Kuwait is starting its basic social communication channels via facebook & twitter, as well as touch-base-ing with bloggers. Social media is intended to measure the actual customer experience, evaluate it, provide help, and keep in touch with customers. All that is fairly enough to ensure that customers are “truly” loyal to your business.

So, how does social media bribery occur?

Simple.. contracts, contract, contracts… and contracts! Some corporates are actually signing up contracts and paying loads of money to some well-known on-line and off-line celebs to talk about and defend them, even though they’re subscribed with other corporates. Casting false messages, as well as promoting false media! Wooh! Wain 9erna ya jema3a? That company – in specific- should spend these huge amounts of money on recruiting more “Call center agents” and service enhancement.. enough said?

There are two types of bribery agreements:

  • Encourage the “bribed” to promote the “briber”, and attack the “bribers’ competitors”.
  • Silence the “bribed” from attacking the “briber”.
Is it ethical? 
Bribery is NOT ETHICAL; ETHICS 101
It will definitely fireback at some point.. lama tetsakkar el7anafeya :) .. So, if your company has got itself into the bribery swamp.. Allah y3eenkom!
I would really love to read your input regarding this topic… drop a comment :)

Bicycle dancer

LOL.. Amazing!

YouTube link

Best Buy leaked doc: iPhone 5 is in 1st week of October

Above, is a snap shot of a Best Buy leaked document, stating the it is expected to start “Pre-selling” of the iPhone 5 on the first week of October. As we have seen before, an iPhone 5 launch key-note rehearsal by Steve Jobs was in the process. It is expected to announce the new device without a Key-note this year, as Steve Jobs has recently resigned as Apple CEO to remain as a Chairman. The below is “claimed” to be a leaked photo of the expected device:


  • GSM Arena
  • TiP : Todays’ iphone
  • MacRumors – My Development blog

Since I’m really into web development, and been working on web building since 1996 (When I created my 1st website), I have created this new blog to talk about web and mobile apps creation and development tools and techniques. I have posted an article there already… I’ll be more than happy to read your notes, comments, and thoughts out there :)

Note: This blog (Blog37) will remain alive and I’ll keep on posting as usual, I just wanted to keep my development articles separated because.. you know.. some of my regular reader may not be interested in reading about tech stuff or programming How-To’s!

Blog name: iMutawa

Gary will Crush it! … in Kuwait!


Image Source:


We’ve been crushin’ and talking for some time about the “Crush It!” challenges and activities, and how it turns your passion into cash the best way possible, and how it helps you use your social media resources for the best of your online spot; website or blog.

Gary Vaynerchuck – Author of “Crush it!” the book and US Social Media keynote speaker, will be available in Kuwait real soon in cooperation with Al.Zanki enterprises! This is a great opportunity for all those social media enthusiasts out there to attend this seminar, which happens to be the first of its kind in the whole region; Middle East.

Click here to read the official press release by the Management team of Crush it! Seminar – Mr. Khalid Al.Zanki & Mrs. Hind Al.Nahedh

Crush it! seminar website: here

Eid Mubarak

Born To Be Wild – ولد ليعيش

I have received a kind invitation from both Mr. Nawaf Al.Rudaini & Mr. Mijbil Al.Mutawa to attend the premiere show of “Born To Be Wild – 3D” in the iMax theatre, in Scientific Center – Kuwait. The movie tells the story of wild life animals, elephants and monkeys in specific, after losing their mothers in random hunting and how two scientist women have dedicated their lives to care of these baby animals.

The movie is produced by Warner Bros & iMax, and will have it’s exclusive middle-eastern release here in Kuwait, exclusively in the Scientific center starting this Eid. It is highly recommended not to miss this movie! below is the movie trailer:

Official press release:

المركز العلمي يدشن فيلماً جديداً في عيد الفطر

سيكون عشاق الشاشة العملاقة في المركز العلمي التابع لمؤسسة الكويت للتقدم العلمي على موعد مع أحدث أفلام آي ماكس بالبعد الثلاثي ، و هو فيلم “وُلِد ليعيش” و ذلك ابتداءً من أول أيام عيد الفطر السعيد ، هذا ما أعلن عنه رئيس مجلس الإدارة و العضو المنتدب للمركز العلمي مجبل سليمان المطوع.

حيث صرح المطوع بأن الفيلم هو من أحدث أفلام آي ماكس ، و يأخذ المشاهد إلى غابات كينيا و جزيرة بورنيو في شرق آسيا ليسلط الضوء على الفرصة الثانية التي حصلت عليها الفيلة و القردة.

وُلِد ليعيش” يحكي قصة عالمتين كرستا حياتهما للعناية بأيتام الفيلة و القردة بعد صيد و مقتل أمهاتهم.  حيث تعتني الدكتورة بيروتي جالديكاس بصغار القردة في جزيرة بورنيو ، بينما تعتني الدكتورة دافني شيلدرك بصغار الفيلة في غابات كينيا.  حيث قامت كل منهما بإنشاء ملاجئ متكاملة لهذه الغاية ، تقومان مع طاقم العمل بجلب أيتام الفيلة و القردة إلى هذه الملاجئ و توفير كل سبل الراحة و الأمان لها.  و بعدها يتم نقلها إلى ملجأ آخر لتتعايش فيه مع فيلة و قردة أكبر منها و للتعلم كيفية العيش في البرية ، حتى تحين لحظة عودتها للبرية مرة أخرى.

وُلِد ليعيش” يجسد الإلهام الناشئ عن العلاقة المتينة بين الإنسان و الحيوان.  و يحمل رسالة غاية في الأهمية ، و هي للمحافظة على الكائنات المختلفة.

علماً بأن جميع عروض آي ماكس خلال عطلة عيد الفطر السعيد حتى يوم السبت الموافق 3 سبتمبر ستكون للفيلم الجديد “وُلِد ليعيش“. و يمكن لزوار المركز العلمي حجز تذاكرهم لمشاهدة فيلم “وُلِد ليعيش” أو أي من المرافق الأخرى عبر موقع المركز العلمي على شبكة الانترنت أو الاستفسار على 888 848 1

Pictures from the event: