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A must see: Ahmad Helmi interview

Police, FAIL

Mazaj Elyoum

فاصل كوميدي قديم

Credit Card Payments

The concert I missed…

George Michael’s TwentyFiveLive in Abu Dhabi – late 2008, was annouced to be his last concert ever. Being a GM fan since early 1990′s would drive you to get VVIP tickets… the thing that I did actually! The problem was that… I missed my flight! errghhh I don’t wanna talk about it!

Seeing the concert videos on YouTube makes me feel… Sad… Really sad.

Oh! Just something that came up now to my mind… What if the concert was in Kuwait? We would see Hayef and his look-alikes fighting like hell to ban the concert.

Mazaj Elyoum

إشرب جاي وروح

Google’s Superbowl Ad.

YouTube updated their video player

As seen in the image, it seems that YouTube updated their video player to support different resolutions! very smart :) What do you think?