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Freedom fleet video: The Attack



 Source: Alwatan newspaper


Couldn’t stop laughing! This is an amazing IRON MAN Parody video done by Patrick Boivin, featurting his own kid… Enjoy!

IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Fido (7UP) Vs. Jhumaro

I’ve always been a fan of Sanshiro – played on KTV back in 1988 as I recall. It came to my mind to search for it on YouTube… and here’s an interesting video I found, done by a Kuwaiti – Ali Al-Mutawa

Exclusive rare video: don’t get me wrong!


Thanks Abdulmohsen for the video

Google Toilet

Official Blackberry 6 preview video

Mazaj Elyoum..

Exclusive: Augmented Reality in Zain City

An Augmented reality application was spotted yesterday in FUN CLUB booth in Zain City exhibition. A computer program reads a printed marker and generates an embedded 3D model (or any type of media) over that marker in compliance to its dimensions! Zain presented that technology as a “future-feature” of some services to introduced to the market in the not-so-far future.

Below is a video of the Zain City “Augmented Reality” application; I loved the part where they used the 3D model of Zain’s booth in the exhibition!! Enjoy…


A crazy stunt?

George Michael on Kuwait Airways website?

I landed on Kuwait Airways website to check on something, and some music started to play… I know this music.. I know it.. It’s George Michael’s “Jesus to child” from 1996 OLDER album. The question is What’s the need of a music loop on an Airways website?! Is that supposed to relax the website visitors? It doesn’t make any sense.

But you know what? being a George Michael music fan makes me like it! Here is the original video of “Jesus to a Child”