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looks like the BB & iPhone hype had more impact than expected


“Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) – Nokia Oyj, the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, had its first net loss since the company began reporting quarterly in 1996, hurt by costs related to a joint venture with  Siemens AG and weaker demand.

The net loss totaled 559 million euros ($834 million), after a profit of 1.09 billion euros a year earlier.”

Nokia also said that its smartphone market share dropped to 35% versus 41% in the previous quarter. 6% drop within the last 3 months is not normal at all.. its like 6% of the Nokia smartphones owners switched to another brand.


bloomberg, Engadget

6 October 2009

Yesterday, I recieved a text message from 6102009com saying: “This might interest you”… followed by a URL.

And Honestly, IT DID!

 The website is so simple as a design, but I still cannot figure out the purpose… I think it’s a kind of a puzzle game where a guy named “Fahad Nasser” has gone missing! The counter in the middle of page shows a countdown, and whenever it reaches zero new stuff will show on the desktop… maybe new leads and clues… CREATIVE! I’m starting to be addicted to this website… or game… or .. I don’t know! 

Oh yeah! by the way, the URL refers to tomorrows’ date, So I guess the next update would be something…





a screenshot from the website

a screenshot from the website







Few months back I had the chance to visit R/GA, a digital media agency, to discuss some work projects. This is when I first learned about the “Nike+”, which was one of the many innovations and concepts introduced by this agency. Nike+ is simply syncing your Nike running shoe to your iPod to know the distance you actually ran, how many calories you’ve burned, and then to profile all that data to your account and compare it with other runners all around the globe.

Click here to find out what is Nike+ in detail, and how they came up with this great idea.

Today, I got my Nike+ kit, including:

Nike+ Shoe, sports kit, and the carrying case

Nike+ Shoe, sports kit, and the carrying case

I’ll be posting a review about my Nike+, stay tuned ppl!

Zain’s roumered surprise is now a FACT

Apparantly, the lately Zain’s roumered big hit surprise has turned into a fact after releasing the new e-GO 21.6 mbps. I saw the Ad in alwatan newspaper today (1st page), and it says you can subscribe at Zain’s branches, meaning it’s out there for sale! Go grab your device now!



Zain’s branches: [click here]

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac LEAKED

Picture 1

Finally, now you can sync all your apps, contacts and media with your blackberry device. I’ve just tried the app and synced everything smoothly, this is a must have app for all mac users.



Zain’s 21.6 mbps is AWESOME!


I just got my new Zain eGO 21.6 mbps from a friend to test and review! AWESOME! what else can I say? The installation was extremely fast and took less than a minute to setup both the device and the dashboard software.

I told my friend that I’m going really wild with my testing criteria, his reaction was simply like this: “Heh.. Go ahead :) ”. I really took this as a challange and started YouTube streaming (opened 8 streams simultaneously) and the results were amazing! YouTube videos were running smoothly like nothing is happening without any interruptions… the e-GO itself was holding to an average of 2.4 MBPS during that YouTube “FLOOD”! (a max of 3.6 MBPS).

Checkout the image below!


And by the way! I got to keep the device for myself!

Thank you Zain;*

Zain Create *Exclusive*


Zain create is a huge project initiated by Zain in cooperation with Rotana. A source has stated to us that the project will be released by tomorrow.

Zain has provided a special website for Create, a PC client (screenshot above), an ODP (On-Device-Portal) which is a client for mobile phones. Zain create website and clients will allow Zain customers to download and stream Rotana songs exclusively, and it will also stream Rotana’s Audio and Video channels.

We had the pleasure to test the Zain create PC client! one word, FLAWLESS!

Testing too!!

Testing english…

و نجرب العربي! زقرت و الله!

24 SSDs linked to one computer

geekie but still interesting :D