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No Flash Support on iPhone and iPad


Ipad in the wild

do you notice any difference with this ipad?

it has cydia installed, no details announced but this image shows that they’ve developed a jailbreak  and it worked “blackra1n” as you can see the icon beside cydia.


iPhone OS 4.0 Event

Source, and better resolution videos

iCity & electrozan iPad reservation

electrozan ad: Via Frankom

Confirmed: Apple iPad in X-Cite Alghanim TODAY

I heard some news about X-Cite Alghanim getting iPad ready for sale today. I called 1803535 and they have confirmed it. The agent told me about a small session followed by a reservation process – and selling.. maybe!- for those iPads to start today at 7:00pm in X-Cite in Avenues mall.

Price? “will be a surprise” the agent said. I don’t know what is the reservation process for! could be a limited quantity? But afterall, they do have iPads.

Get yourself ready ppl.. !

Steve Jobs by his own creations

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This guy changed the course of comupter/media/internet history! don’t you guys agree?

Via: Online schools

Whats wrong with his keyboard?

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How the iPad came to exist

thanks bader :D

iPhone credit card reader Part2


WhatsApp For Blackberry

Blackberry Whatsapp beta version was released in Nov. 2009 as a beta  test and then it was pulled out and the official version will be released soon.

here is the download link in case you missed it Whatsapp

Thanks Bader

*** UPDATE ***

download this LINK this one works for all the versions.