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37: A significant number

Have you ever been seeing a specific number alot? in a way that will attach this number to you? I have been facing this thing with the number 37, and that started with me since 1999 when I was studying in Med school. One day, I was staying late at college styding for a biochemistry exam.. And whenever I looked at my watch in that specific day, its 5:37.. 6:37.. 7:37.. etc.

A couple of days later, I was telling that story to my friends while driving to Souq Sharq. While looking for a place to park in, a guy with a roller skate jumps infront of my car… I was about to run him over, he turns and apologizes, and the number 37 appears on his t-shirt… nothing but 37!

A friend kept telling me that it was a coincidence and such things do happen all the time; we went to starbucks, and guess what? my order number was 37! I showed to my friend, he laughed and pointed at a column with the number 74, “look! it’s not 37!” he said. My immediate response was “divide by 2″… the answer is 37.

Since then… Where ever I go… What ever I watch or read, a movie, series, a book… 37 is always there. Now I’m attached to this number I love seeing it every where, and I want to see it every where… Hamad was wondering at first why I named our blog as “Blog37“… the number is significant. Google it, and you’ll know why… and don’t forget to leave a comment with your findings. I’ll keep on posting anything related to 37 that I find.

This one is my latest:
#1: Malakh, the villain who kidnapped his mentor in Dan Brown’s “The lost syombol”, was prisoner #37 in a turkish prison.

Amal: A new Blog37 Blogger

A new member joins the Blog37 Team; Amal, is a funny young professional with a lot of things to say and share with you… and for us, it’s time for a feminin-touch to join our blog…

Amal Likes: Music, Movies, Books, Shopping, Gossips…
Amal Dislikes: Negative people.. woh!

Welcome aboard Amal :)